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  1. These are good memories until two weeks ago I was with them on my previous computer
  2. Hi friend. I built a computer from old parts I had and I have a glitch that every few minutes the computer just restarts itself over and over again. I5-650 gtx 650ti processor warrior if evga p55le 8gb ram before I formatted a computer then it would come to me in windows and just after a few minutes of using it it would restart itself or show me such a blue screen. I thought it was a problem with Windows or something and I tried to format and every few minutes during formatting it happens again. It should be noted that the temperature of the processor is normal and does not rise above 40 degrees effortlessly. By the hardware everything looks fine and there is nothing that is not sitting still or something. I have a leftover that it's a problem either with a hard disk or a power supply that is too old and full of dust. Would appreciate help
  3. I added to 12ram and everything works great without drops in any game everything is golden (for now)
  4. Hi friends I have gtx 1660super i7-4770 8gbram ddr 3 asustek h81m-e when I bought the card so he ran me csgo at 200 fps but there was always such drops something really not worn then I installed the game call of duty warzone and he ran me on low mode Then I saw that I had 70 percent utilization on the CPU and I formatted the computer. Everything worked smoothly for only two days. The drops disappeared in CSgo and the fps jumped to 300. And if it's like that then maybe send the video card to the lab. Anyone have an idea about this?
  5. I'll just add another fan to the case besides this data is too exaggerated?
  6. Yes obviously I will do that too. If I replace an ointment without removing the processor from the board is that problematic? A little apprehensive because once I got out to a bad friend and went the board if then I did not feel like taking risks
  7. I replaced a new power supply but have not yet installed another fan I meanwhile put on such a home fan. Anyway the CPU dropped to a significant temperature from 68 degrees effortlessly to 45-53 and the card also went from 57 degrees effortlessly to 40-50 hope I connect a fan that takes the heat out and clears the dust the problem will disappear completely
  8. I realized that it's probably a problem with my power supply written on it 500w but it's probably fake because it's very old and cheap today so it's a little weird to have 500. What do you think could be that the power supply is not strong enough and it warms up my computer?
  9. Thank you very much I will add a fan I will replace the ointment and update
  10. Hello friends. I have an asustek H81M-E motherboard with an interl core i7-4770 processor with a 500w power supply It is important to note that I have one fan in the package that sits on the processor until a few days ago I had a gtx 650 ti video card and I did not have a warming problem (at least I did not notice) A few days ago I bought a gtx 1660 super video card everything fits properly for the case I used it for a few days and everything was fine until I noticed that there is some heat from the case I downloaded the speedfan software and it appears to me (effortlessly) that my processor is 68 degrees That my system is generally at 53 degrees of course I am going to add another fan but I am still afraid that one of my components will burn and worse that everything will burn. I wanted to know if it makes sense all this data and why I did not notice it until today before the new video card I tried to put in front of the computer a home fan and still gave me the same result of course I gave the computer a few minutes to cool down and then turned it on with the home fan. I'd love to help friends I'm pretty worried
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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

The intermediate model from the Turing generation adopts the number of active units in its refreshed super version, equipped with double the volume of graphic memory - and goes out to provide a solution to some of the constant demand for more and more video cards