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  1. I liked the fact that you rated my reaction as negative, I have no idea why but okay ... Overall I started an idea for something new here and was curious about any screen that came up here in the discussion.
  2. Interesting screen of the EVE ... I saw that it is HDR600, is it worth more in your opinion?
  3. Note that the Easer you brought here is not like the X27, their flagship model. Here the restriction is HDR400 and not 1000.
  4. Both companies are planning on September? Will the local launch also be this month?
  5. That is a bit too much in my opinion .. But probably want to take over every segment of the video card market, which is all budgets.
  6. Looks simple crazy. And I still thought that NVIDIA this year was breaking ground and going far, less thought that was what would happen to AMD. But the proof from their side is very beautiful.
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