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  1. @etal Yes, I agree (and RAM can be upgraded to 8 GB). DSM is cool. Especially CLOUD SYNC. But there are still limitations. For example (for backup) I want to install CLI RCLONE to draw SYNC between PCLOUD and B2. There is no app in DSM so I couldn't find any method to make it work. In Spo speak (put the price aside) - for easy installation and a local computer for backup storage - I recommend. Value for money and hardware: It's best to buy a real server (or build yourself with RASPBERRY! )
  2. @Jabberwock Does RASPBERRY have enough CPU to run VM? Media server? Just give two examples. I think the uses are different.
  3. @ClassMulder has the processor in between this and the DS918 + (which is an upgrade).
  4. Hello everyone! About a week ago I received one of the new NAS from SYNOLOGY - one of the leading companies in the field. It's the DS920 + which is a small upgrade to the DS918. Hardware Specifications: Under the NAS there are two ports for the NVMe type SSD. Processor: CELERON J4125. It is mainly used for backups - through the LAN from my desktop (OS: UBUNTU LINUX) and two-way synchronization between some of my clouds, including both Google and BACKBLAZE B2 - which is OBJECT STORAGE. There is room for 4 discs - and it gets both 3.5 "HDD and 2.5" SSD. The space that is available depends on what level of RAID you use - if you use it at all (RAID 0 is also possible). This is the first time I've been using NAS on my network. So some thoughts. 👍 Charges: - It works if a type of CONTROL PANEL named DSM. This makes it very easy to do things like open a mail server (or, of course, files). - DSM has apps. Like CLOUD SYNC. It gives you a SYNC drawing between NAS and clouds. - For local backups - it makes life very easy! After entering a username and password, it automatically appears as part of my network from my computer running on Ubuntu. But I had to open the ports to SSH and SFTP and RSYNC in order for everything to work. 👎 Negatives - At the end of this day NAS. Easier setup versus better server. But with a server you have complete control. (Although there is the option to create VMs on the NAS through an app). - I thought the fans were up in the air today. Even though I hate even the sound of hard disks - so I'm very sensitive! More pictures below. Sorry for the bad Hebrew! Available in KSP and Banda in Israel. Full review with videos (in English)
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