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  1. Good morning, this is exactly what I was looking for, what is the RPM doing. And I read about it in the link I will install CENTOS and see what the file does. Thank you very much for your help and guidance
  2. The thing is with the whitening position, doing problems due to the size of the file and only when I open it with zip7 and get a file with the whitening cpio extension goes. That's why I wanted the reverse process to collapse with the RPM extension. According to your explanation, how or where do I read what is done in the background when running an RPM file? Because when I open the file with cpio extension with zip7 I get an OPT folder with files. I look like the content is being deployed to the OPT folder and running the install / anyway command thanks for the help.
  3. Hi is trying to crawl the contents of a file with an rpm extension and because the file size is not successful. Only I am deprecated with zip7 I can scan the file with the cpio extension,. After scanning, the file should be returned to the rpm extension, only with the rpm extension able to work. I realized I would have to run centos and then archive a file with cpio extension, now I have to find the command in Linux תודה, thanks.
  4. I applied, know how to work only with the file in rpm extension. The problem is not with opening the file with the opposite process. Thanks
  5. I received a software file with rpm extension. I opened the file with 7zip and got a file with cpio extension. I'd love for help on how to get back to Archive from a file with cpio extension to a file with rpm extension. Thanks in advance.
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