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    I'm talking about sites that pop up to me and say you must authorize me to use cookies to use the site. I'm looking for some plugin or what knew how to silence these windows and work on them as if he approved cookies or any other trick. I'm pretty sure there is such a thing.
  2. Roi Stampfer


    For the purpose that I get tired of every site I go to forcing me to approve cookies before I surf it thanks, you know if I approve but manually on this annoying pop-up window will it be approved or is it a complete lack of everything?
  3. Roi Stampfer


    Is there a plugin or change in * free * settings that prevents sites from taking cookies? If so, I would be happy for an explanation / reference to the guide. Thank you very much (relevant to both Wonder Android and Windows Laptop)
  4. Hi I have a Lenovo IDEAPAD computer with Windows 10 Enterprise. I cannot open any Office file that I download until I authorize it to an external source. I'm a student and it really bothers me that every presentation I have to redefine for him. How can I confirm permanently? Attached is a picture of the "Properties" that I have to enter and click Unblock every time .. Update: I search a bit in Google but I do not understand it enough to help me, is there a situation that the solution is related to something in the settings here? (Settings I entered from PowerPoint)
  5. Hi new here, hope this is the right place. The question is like the title - is it doable ..? I have a win 10 enterprise operating system and a Bluetooth mouse connected with a logitech USB. Is it doable? Edit: If this is not possible then another key also grabs thanks
  6. Hi post opened for me. Chemical engineering / materials are less critical in gaming but I do want a fast and powerful computer that will not trouble me even in the 4000+ area. I'm in Eilat, so the VAT goes down so the budget increases
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