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  1. I understood thank you very much. Just one last question whether it is possible that the work itself is interesting or very repetitive?
  2. I wanted to start building some kind of simple plan that I would release in about half a year or so. Thanks but
  3. Hi, although I do not exactly answer your question I would be happy if maybe you can help me, I saw you mentioned that you are an electronics practical engineer and currently working in a factory, you can maybe expand how the work and why it does not satisfy you? In general do you recommend studying the field or less? Thank you and hope you get more helpful answers from others
  4. 20 If you are that I sound childish
  5. Hello friend I have written here many times before but this time I will try to be more specific maybe in order to get a more accurate answer. I am very undecided whether to study practical software or electronics after the military. Before you respond to me a practical practitioner shit certificate is not worth anything do a degree, if I could do a degree I would but really do not have the head needed for it or the motivation and desire for it. I have an interest in the field but not at the level of learning by force 4 years very difficult things even for people who really really love the field. I personally think that practical electronics might be more suitable for me because I heard that there is more work in it and I also like tinkering with my hands. On the other hand I keep hearing endlessly about software and web development. I'm interested in the code but less interested in the sites themselves, that is to say I was never exactly enthusiastic about which site and I said wow what a quality site you see made professional. I am looking for an area that can give me a job and in the end that is the ambition. Not looking to be rich or a manager for me a salary that I can sustain for a simple life is enough for me. Just want also while if I can engage in a field that is too much to me and that is why I am more in the direction of electronics and software. Thanks so much for the help and have a good week.
  6. Very far for me to study engineering considering I did 3 will start math in school and all my life I avoided things related to math but thanks anyway
  7. I have read before but thanks I read again now. I know that practical training is not a degree or a profession at all that exists in the sand but I think it is most suitable for me in terms of academic abilities and achievements.
  8. Do you think electronics is not a recommended field? I actually saw that there are a lot of jobs that require practical electronics compared to software and electricity that I did not find much. From what you said then in a big way a factory job is very abrasive and repetitive no? Do you have any experience in a field that you can share? Thanks again for all the help. good day
  9. Hi it's me again, maybe you can elaborate a little more in depth on what is meant by proving knowledge? As if the practical electronics engineer would not be able to get a job? Need to demonstrate knowledge far beyond what one learns? And could it be that you can detail a bit what is meant by working in a factory? I'm sorry for my ignorance. Thank you very much and Shabbat Shalom.
  10. The truth that I have been recruited and released for another period. The problem is that I very much do not see myself nor can in my matriculation be accepted to do a degree, I have a passion for the field but not at the level of an engineer who understands every inch in the theory of the field. I also understand that in order to be hired And understand in the field that it would be worthwhile for someone to pay you a salary. That's why I thought more in the direction of practical training or certain courses. What does it mean to work in a factory, really a production line like in the movies? Sorry for my ignorance Much help you appreciate it very much
  11. I understand, thank you very much, in fact, when I looked at practical electronics jobs, I saw that the requirements are not too crazy, I saw that there is a field called final testing and there are actually a lot of jobs for this position, did you hear about it? Regarding web development if we say I will do a course or two of web development can I maybe integrate it as a job or is the market already bursting with guys like me trying to be cunning and not do a degree?
  12. Hi I have already written here once for those who remember me only this time the discussion is a little different. As I mentioned before I want to try to go into a technological field that I will be discharged from the military because I have always been on the computer (although I have not done too many helpful things until now) but lately I started learning a bit about Arduino and basic Java lessons from what I understood, Computer So it is difficult to get into the field unless you have a lot of experience regardless of academic degree. I read on the internet that people have a hard time even finding a job !!! With a degree in hand, so what about practical engineers or course participants of all kinds? I have seen that for most people it comes down to the fact that they have learned a little to program and are noble to engage in any other field as a livelihood. What's more realistic to go into work as a discharged soldier and without an academic degree, I have within me from a wink to the software field but do not know if it's just the movies I live in. Is life as a programmer really that interesting? All day messing with code and knowing helpful things like programming languages ​​etc. Thank you.
  13. Yes thanks for the offer, I already got to see videos even download some PDF, I learned a bit about the domain already
  14. I'm not that close to my release, but it will be a few months later. I started to think about what would happen to me after the military and in the meantime I have some ideas in my mind, I want to try to go into a technological field because I've always been on the computer (although I haven't done too useful things until now) but lately I started learning a bit about Arduino and also basic lessons on Technical Support (Comptia A +). From what I understood big, unless you do a degree in electrical / software / computer science then it is very difficult to enter the field without being some genius for already a 13 year old programmer. I read a lot on the internet (don't know how true) that all of Gone Bryce's programming courses etc are a bit of a joke, that most people who finish these courses after paying NIS 15 amount to the fact that they learned a little bit of programming and had to work in a different field at all as a living. The same thing I've heard about the engineer as well, whether it's software or electronics. That's why the IT sector has attracted me more because I'm a person who likes to understand how things work and fix things that don't work. I am very connected to the field of computers (maybe less math and theory). Unfortunately, basic information on how to download games and all this crap I don't really have the knowledge or experience of anything practical or effective. I don't know at all what Active Directory is, hardly know how to connect a computer to a network except password password, know how to install Windows and that's about it. As I mentioned before I started to tinker with Arduino a bit and in the meantime I really enjoy it but I'm also aware that it's just a pretty toy, the hardware and embedded domain is more light years than simple code in Arduino's ide. I will summarize all this salad I wrote here, is there any point in doing software / electronics engineering? Is it worth this big financial investment? Or is it better to go towards IT (even though the course name is very expensive)? I am a person who likes to understand how things work unfortunately a realistic or mathematical head I do not have and I will be honest with all my heart I do not consider myself improving mathematics units and so because I do not think I have the motivation to do such a thing.
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