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  1. Turns out it was three problems the ram, the video card, the motherboard if the ram did not work properly (do not know why) the video card after I opened it had dry liquid on it and probably every time the video card reached about 40 degrees the liquid did something on the board if it was the same liquid on the card Screen only in the battery areas and near the processor and near the usb ports and at the bottom of the board if at the moment the computer is not functioning probably because of the RAM .. and there was another problem and I had to change the power supply
  2. Peace. About two months ago my computer started having a problem that the mouse and keyboard did not work so my first attempt was to change the details of the wasabi on the keyboard and the mouse it did not help ... I did a restart did not help .. Then I disconnected the video card because I saw the screen stuck after I removed Everything worked after a week it happened again and when I took out and inserted the video card did not work so I took out and inserted the ram and it worked after two weeks again the problem and I took out the processor and returned and everything worked for me until yesterday and tried everything and nothing worked and checked degrees the highest thing was on 50 Operating System: Windows 10 Processor: i5 3470 Video Card: gtx 1050 ti
  3. Peace. I was recently looking for ram to shred ram on my computer. When I was looking for the Ram type I saw SDRAM and did not understand what it was I tried to search the internet about it but did not find a helpful explanation. I would be happy if you could explain to me what the difference is
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