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  1. So this is how I am interested in buying a new laptop Budget between 3 and 5.5 thousand uses Office AutoCAD Binary drawing and at sea Screen size is better 13.5 inches and up No matter if there is an operating system or not of course if there is already then Windows stores I can buy from are ksp ivory RSM tms If there is another recommended store I do not rule out but better than those welcome Erez
  2. Sorry for your honor. I thought people ran out of ideas and solutions and did not notice that people here gave more solutions. Tonight I will try the drivers that the guy from above gave and if he does not go I will send an email to the nice guy who offered remote control. Thank you very much great forum. Regards Erez
  3. The only information I have about the computer is this pdf tl10ie2.pdf
  4. So it's that success was not here ... but he really updated some drivers but still touch keyboard mouse speaker microphone not working ... now I came up with the idea of ​​whether I can create media for Windows 8 like the original that was with the friend's computer and if there is such a situation that the drivers too Etc .. will be installed with it? Is there such a thing? I would like to indicate if this is an important pepper that Windows is installed under ufi or something like that and it also has a shell for those who understand. Another thing before Windows goes up the keyboard works. So more ideas ....
  5. Arrive at noon and I will try and of course I will update thank you very much
  6. I tried installing Windows 8 and also there was no camera touch etc.
  7. Did not help if it can help I brought from my son's friend a computer identical to mine only that mys has Windows 10 it is the exact same computer. Is there a way to extract what drivers are in the friend's computer is with Windows 8 and it is the same computer / laptop as I have and everything works well Erez
  8. I will update at noon what came out and if it helped in principle it seems to me I tried but I will give it another try. thanks anyway
  9. So that's how the model of the computer is tl10ie2 the child got it from school a few years ago. The screen is a touch screen with a touch pen and the computer can be disassembled and the computer came with Windows 8.1 education from Intel. After upgrading to Windows 10, the Touch stopped working, as did the computer's camera and keyboard. I think the problem is with the drivers because when I open a driver I have the problems there. In Windows Update there is no update to the drivers he claims they are up to date. Can't find the drivers anywhere. Anyone have an idea or idea how to help me? The computer is designed for distance learning and must help 3 children and a woman who works from home so I must find a way to arrange a signal
  10. So this way, after I connected, the child gets a ping between 40 and 60 at Bezeq International with Hot's infrastructure in 500 GB of surfing. Sounds very reasonable to me. Hopefully it will hold and that the fangs will not go up too much. I will disconnect Hotnet Teda today
  11. At that moment I connected with them I will come to the house and make an association and see how they are! Of course I will update what the result is that others can learn from it and in general there is a problem here in the forum that people write about a problem and do not write exactly what the solution was! Which by the way is very important and will save a lot of headaches for others here. Regards Erez
  12. Hello everyone ! I wanted to get a recommendation to provide internet for games through the network that will give good ping around 50 ping today I am in hot infrastructure in a package of 500 GB and hotnet provider I want to stay hot in infrastructure to go to a provider that will give the normal ping currently At the provider Hottent wants to get from you users recommendations for good suppliers with normal ping or that what I have is normal welcome Erez
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