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  1. As for the right model it is ASROCK h81m-dgs I have gtx 750 2GB The card I want to purchase is: Will there be a match?
  2. I want to replace video card The question of whether I will have a match The card I want to purchase is ddr5
  3. I have an asus h81m-dgs DDR3 motherboard and I wanted to know if it is possible to connect another video card (DDR 4/5)
  4. Unfortunately the rabbi yesterday my computer was attacked and all the files and media became a "nail file" luckily only drive C "the system" was connected everything inside was not so important to me, the question is whether it is possible to format the computer and use it? Thanks for the helpers
  5. I decided to use a computer that I have not touched for years, I wanted to know today what it will be like for today's games or if the computer is already old ... I would be happy for offers (not for sale)
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