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  1. If what you are saying is true then I can understand where the place wasted for no apparent reason the question is whether this is the case?
  2. I filmed from what weighs a lot to the least count you get to 141?
  3. By the way, I updated him with Microsoft and the games that work for him crash and get stuck, and even though I removed the updates, it still happens, I destroyed it ....
  4. My point is that even though it says 10G if you count what's on the list it's about 1GB so I do not understand where the 10 will fit, so with the other lists - the 141 I enter I do not really see a list with 141 and that's what I do not understand (I try to install 89 GB - or rather I'm trying to help my nephew) Look at the lists I sorted by what weighs the least at least, will you count you manage to get to Giga?
  5. Thanks for the answer but I think what you suggested does not solve the problem since there is nothing on the computer except a game or two - temporary files is maybe a little more than a gigabyte and not 10 How did you count 10? Second thing what the hell takes up space of 141 GB.? 🙂 If almost nothing is installed - how much does the operating system weigh
  6. So this is how I upload pictures in all the pictures I show that there are not too many games that are supposed to take up space, for some reason it takes up a lot of space but there are only two games that do not take up much space, I want to install a game that weighs more than what is left and therefore can not install Know what to delete because I do not see things that can be removed and do not understand how to clear what I do not see 🙂
  7. Hello I am trying to install a game in Windows 10 but shows that there is no space, I am trying to go for game removal but there is almost nothing there to empty that there will be space. I was told about apps but I also do not see them, I tried to troubleshoot as recommended by Microsoft site but does not help. What takes up space on my drive (I have 222 something like that) I also tried to check storage space check maybe there are some users who each have limited storage space but I have not seen such a thing. What is recommended to do?
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