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  1. This is what I planned to do I will wait until the new tickets come out and then I will decide thank you very much for the tips and explanations (maybe I will bounce this discussion another month ..)
  2. The truth is that I am also surprised by this recommendation of yours, and the reliability and service are really important to me, because the computer is a tool that if it does not work I lose money. If we go back to what you recommended earlier regarding video cards, and assuming that in my software there is no significant improvement in QUADRO, is the model PM-RD33-12034 - with the same specifications as what you offered but with an RTX2060 card, at 2000 NIS less, no more lucrative? A store that I am in contact with and they add increase the memory to 4X8 and install a 4Tra drive for an additional 750 NIS (I just need to make sure it does not harm Dell's service - from what I read Dell only gives a warranty for the components they installed, and I have no problem with This)
  3. I tried to find out with KEYCRAETOR technical support whether there is a preference for using the QUADRO P2200 over using the RTX 2060S (more or less the same price). They say they can not give me specific answers about these cards because they have not examined them. And it's just that in general QUADRO cards are better for 3D drawing. 10 years ago there was someone serious in their support who made a comparison between QUADRO cards and GF cards. Linking his final conclusion was: Based on the frame rate performance results obtained with the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT and Quadro FX 1800 across the large models tested on our Windows 7 workstation, Direct3D seems to be th
  4. No need to fight, everything's fine. I have no problem investing a little more, but on the other hand I do not need to buy components that will not really change the speed and convenience of my work. I find out with the support of the software the details regarding the video card. Do you mean RTX4000? Or to P4000? Maybe it's better to continue the discussion another month after the new NVIDIA models came out?
  5. To make an order I will try to clarify a few things: I am a mechanical engineer working in a small business that designs and builds automation machines. Design of assemblies and integration between the components using KEYCREATOR - design until the production drawings are published. No need to render models (even if they come out nicely ..). In the software itself I occasionally do animations that move the various assemblies in space and are quite similar to basic Multibody Dynamics analyzes. The production is usually done by laser cutting of tin, and machining. For the machines I build I do integration (controller programming and HMI) of SIEMENS control systems using TIA PORTAL. I do occasionally perform static FEA analyzes, a
  6. Okay, so you actually recommend going for the recommended specs based on the RYZEN 7 3700X and swapping the card for the P2200? I may have exaggerated in anticipation of 10 years, but I hope it will serve me at least 6 years (like my old computer that still does the job well enough for my applications)
  7. Thanks for the much help. The prices of the RTX 2060S or 2070S cards ... are quite similar to the price of the QUADRO P2200 and even a tad higher. Is it worth choosing them and losing the stability that the software manufacturer recommended to me? Today I work with an old I7 desktop computer (from about 2013) with a GTX750TI card and usually the software works fine but still crashes occasionally - usually when I export complex drawings to PDF. Another question regarding the specification: If I plan on the computer serving me for about 10 years (is that a realistic expectation at all?), Then I understand that in the distant future I will utilize all of its memory. Is not it worth buying now a 4X8 memory, and in the future replace all four
  8. Which card do you recommend? Is it worth waiting for the new tickets coming out soon? Occasionally I do work a bit with SOLIDWORKS, isn't it better to have a card designed for drawing?
  9. The KEYCREATOR website does not have specific information about the video card, so to get specific information I sent an email to support them. The answer I got: Based on the testing that we were able to do we found that Nvidia performed better over AMD and although Nvidia GeForce cards worked fine, they are more geared to 3D gaming whereas the Quadro cards offered the best performance for 3D modeling. That's why I came in the direction of the QUADRO P2200 5GB. I am open to new recommendations. Is such a specification based on AMD better? (I did not add the video card, as I did not find it in this store, and maybe I should wait for the next generation of the card
  10. Hello, I would love to receive recommendations regarding a stationary computer for work, and especially for image processing and video editing. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? 9000 NIS, you can exceed 1000 NIS and you can also not use the entire budget. 2. What computer uses (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), has a specific game or software example? Main use is drawing and programming. Occasionally film editing and image processing. CAD drawing in KEYCREATOR software - according to the software's recommendations, you need at least an I7 processor, and a QUADRO card with 1 GB of memory. I was thinking about QUADRO P2200 PLC programming using TIA PORTAL software - 32 GB of memory is recommended. movie editing
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