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  1. My son is playing in his room with a closed door. He has a very loud voice. Even when not in enthusiasm but just talking during a game you hear it loud. We asked that when a game speaks in a much quieter voice. Said he tried several times, the others do not hear it. Are there headphones with a microphone that allows special amplification of the speaker's volume?
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What is an algorithm and what power does it have in our lives

What is an algorithm and what power does it have in our lives

Algorithm is a concept which is present in almost all areas of life but still tends to confuse many. This is actually, in the most basic way, a track. At the starting point of the route you place the variable factor, which can be a number or a decision of some kind, and at the end the result comes out. The algorithm is the power behind every computer program you have used, but it is widely used in other areas of life as well.