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  1. An excellent computer, will hold you a lot, and also excellent specifications.
  2. Basically it is not recommended, there can be a lot of problems of instability as well as the risk of sudden disconnections.
  3. The i7 is a bit more powerful, so apparently it is better assuming you asked which processor is better, because the computer itself is not something ...
  4. Lol obviously not, everything works in this country too the same technologies, the only differences are - keyboard without Hebrew (stickers - 20 shekels, engraving - 150 shekels), and socket if you buy in the US or England (adapter - 5 shekels, replace the top Of the thread - NIS 20).
  5. Why not? They are all good and the same idea, so why not give a choice to what she is more connected to.
  7. Suri I did not notice, I am in the sand so everything was valid
  9. זה עם כרטיס מסך טוב יותר מה mx330 שיש בדל
  10. The video card is not at the same level only I do not understand why you need it, it is indeed better than Intel's built in but not suitable for gaming or any graphics software, the rest of the specifications are quite similar as well as the build quality
  12. It's a great deal, grab it, I do not believe there will be a difference in Black Friday, in addition to graphic editing the 1660ti will be really good I see no reason to invest more for the 2060
  13. Around 6,000 without the perimeter, but wait for the new ryzen.
  14. If you order from abroad there is something to talk about, at the moment there is nothing in the country and what is their price in the sky, you are welcome to open Zap and prove
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