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  1. Would like to update that the issue has been fixed. It turns out that Asus has defined A2 / B2 as recommended slots for Dual. Once I switched from A1 / B1 to A2 / B2 everything worked out! Im on 3600 MHz baby
  2. Does not work 1.4 I initially put 3600 did not go up I lowered to 2900 also did not go up edit: -not-work-for-Corsair-3600Mhz-CL18-kIT Not only with me
  3. Currently the XMP is turned on and I am on 2800MHZ above that the computer is already crashing .. set to 1.35. Can I do damage with all these settings and restarts?
  4. After an hour of talking with Asus I can say with a full mouth that the level there is very very low of the technicians and a crazy confusion of concepts, a lab manager there made me laugh and told me it's like it's appearing but in total it's 3600 in short a joke. Subject: When I bought it, I did not think I would have to make a war against the whole world now. Also who would agree now to bring me such memories and connect just for testing? I bought on Amazon I am also a student I do not have this time .. Talking to G.skill is another nerve call and like you said they will not renew or reveal a secret
  5. I talked to the support of Asus it's just a wall. They are not willing to listen to me and understand that the memories do support. Is it true that they support?
  6. I played with the settings of the manual speed it manages to increase to 3000 MHz at 3200 it no longer manages the voltage tuned to 1.35 as recorded in the memories themselves 19-39 / dp / B07Z45XB3G / ref = sr_1_2? Crid = 3ON49IUUM216W & keywords = g.skill + ripjaws + v + series + 32gb & qid = 1640672177 & sprefix = G.Skill + Ripjaws% 2Caps% 2C267 & sr = it is 8-2 Does not say anything .. the computer just crashed. At first a software crash and then a bluescreen What do you do?
  7. I checked the c state it modes according to different types of processors seems to me ok .. the problem is that if I call Asus they will engrave me and say a problem with memories
  8. I connected one by one it also did not work .. how to replace it from amazon .. why would another BIOS update fix it? What should they add to Bram support? This is a very stupid and simple thing - authors need to work .. What about the cpu? The truth is it worries me more
  9. Plus why are there some without support here? In cpu-z he registers 22 cores for me .. https: // Excuse me but it's not possible to upload pictures here so it's in links Thanks!
  10. I have now updated to the newest 0807 and still it fails to come up with xmp
  11. Hello everyone, so in good time all the parts of the computer arrived I connected everything yesterday and I'm just amazed at the speed. Unusual for such times in anything simple. I dug and dug on every part and it's perfect the problem there is a small problem CPU: 12700K board: z690 asus tuf gaming wifi d4 memories: g.skil ripjaws 16X2 3600MHZ CL16 The board recognizes the memories, also writes that there is dual but when I move xmp to enable the computer fails . Impresses safe-mode and does not upload Windows .. What's the problem? Just do not tell me that the board does not support memories! Now full of tests (here too I asked) like I'm buying a house .. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I am interested in a 4TB HHD drive (basically 3 will suffice but there is no large selection and I also realized that as the drive fills the performance decreases) I saw these two what they say: WD SE HDD 4.0TB 64MB SATA3 Datacenter Capacity - 520 shekels WD 4.0TB 256MB SATA3 Blue - 380 shekels I realized that WD has series green, black, blue, red What is the series of the first drive? Recommend another drive? Order from KSP / TMS Thank you very much
  13. Already at my house, thank you .. Anyway, there is no fear of ordering a dance supplier? This is not Ram, NVME and such one bad fall of some messenger and you are already in another movie ..
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