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  1. Yes this is my first job because I recently finished and at work let's say there are people who are not from the field and still working in it .. So personally I'm upset about it and trying to find something else but not again it's my first job and I'm almost sure not the whole field but still something in it Di gave me a headache .. and I'm trying to find a way out in a new direction but not completely new
  2. Hi I am a practical electronics worker working in a factory currently in environmental testing I am not happy with the level of wages and conditions ... Now I am more interested in code and know the basics of python and C from studies I thought of doing a conversion to QA because of wages and work closer to what I am interested in I do not know how Do it .. I mean I do not want to take a course of one of the existing colleges because I do not believe the word they say the question is it rally to study the field at home and get hired within 3-4 months ?? Thanks for the helpers
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