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  1. Hello everyone, I'm currently hooked up with their router as a modem, and with my Shiomi router. I will be connecting to Cellcom Faber soon. I wanted to know if I could connect without the Cellcom router, should I ask them for an RJ45 to Opt Fiber adapter or should I purchase one? Anyone have experience with Cellcom Faber and AX6000? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, not convinced this is the place but the closest I saw fit. I wanted to know if there is any website or software that can enter the computer components and get a score / score for each component individually and together, to know which component "inhibits" or does not match the level of the other components. For that matter I have a stationary computer and also a laptop that I wanted to know which components that exist in them are equal or need an upgrade. Thanks in advance.
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