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  1. I will ask brass to delete only after they help me, one minute I urgently need in PDF file or image this web page https://www.playbuzz.com/hotvod10/a-10-7-2015-8-57-58-am I really Really thank you to anyone who can upload as an attachment thanks and good morning! (Dear managers, brass delete only after they help me! It's urgent for me tonight to work)
  2. Thank you very much, this already sounds like a normal and relatively small solution. Do you have a recommended link to one of the stores in the country? (Which can be put on the screen above)
  3. Thanks for the comments! True .... this is not so much considered for all sorts of reasons. As above, it is really a last option and not convenient for me. My question is is there a situation to install other internal speakers, how much will it cost to have such an option?
  4. Ok, this is the model: Lenovo IP 3 15IMH05 Gaming I7-10750H / 16GB / 1TB + 256GB / 15.6 "FHD / GTX 1650 4Gb / DOS 81Y400A9IV Computer link: https://www.orpc.co.il/items/3004634- PC -Mobile-Lenovo-IP-Gaming-3-81Y400A9IV- Lenovo-In stock In my old computer, it cost less than 2,000 about 4 years ago, the speakers are powerful with good bass and the right sounds.In the new computer, the audio level is also very low (of course it is not Something in the settings ...) and the sounds are also fucked up and fake.Thanks!
  5. I bought a good computer, a bomb, it cost almost 5,000 but I was disappointed with the quality of hearing, screwed up and very weak I consulted with someone and he told me that maybe it's a driver problem or something or something physical and then need to replace built-in speakers what do you say? Thank you!
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