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  1. From your answer I understand that there is no feasibility .... (I want to die) I will go on Ivory It is not too expensive for a computer for a third grade child who connects mainly to the zoom and the website of the Ministry of Education. (Plays mainly on PSP and such ..) Ivory computers and mobile. Pdf
  2. Need to add standard HD (seems to me of 2T) - is it possible a recommendation please? Question about TMS - Can the fact that there are no branches in my area (Haifa) be a problem? I usually order all these products from IVORY (only they are significantly more expensive in building the computer.
  3. Wow thank you very much!!! Last question - is there a list of SSDs full of types - is there anything recommended?
  4. I somehow got it out of Ivory. Where do you come from and what specifications?
  5. Computer specifications for children in second and third grade are mainly characterized by studies and some games on the Internet. (Do not run heavy games and such at all - there is a PSP) Thank you very much
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