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  1. gtx 1660 and ryzen i5 2600 if I'm not mistaken
  2. Thank you! Do you have a screen to recommend me in this price range?
  3. Thanks! Do you think it's something you can get used to or something that gives a downside and can not be compromised regarding a gaming screen?
  4. What determines the response rate that makes gigabytes faster if gtg and mprt do not change? Thanks anyway!
  5. Hello, I'm undecided about a gaming screen and I currently have 2 options, but there's one thing I do not understand what he's saying and I'm happy to get your opinion. The specification of the first screen (LG) states that its response time is 1ms (MPRT and 1ms (GtG), and the second screen is listed only about the MPRT. When I called the store they told me that the second screen simply does not have GtG. What does this mean and which screen has time Better response? Thank you. The first screen - The second screen - route = product / product & product_id = 19072
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