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  1. I have a GA-AB350M-DS3H V2 motherboard (rev. 1.1) and when I turn off the computer the light in the mouse does not turn off I realized it was something in the BIOS settings
  2. If I want fans with RGB do I need a special motherboard that supports them?
  3. Is it better to invest maybe another 50 shekels for it? https://www.wellcom.co.il/computer-components/power-supplies/cp9020102eu
  4. Ok there was a misunderstanding if I will replace another two years or something like that it will be for something in the style of 2060, I have already used the calculator of the desired power test and I know why I can and cannot replace. I just wanted to know if it is a reliable company and this supplier is specific as well
  5. I want to know in terms of quality not if 550w will be enough for me. I may be wrong but a power supply is a power supply for every specification, and a good power supply is a good power supply for every specification that of course meets the correct amount of watts
  6. Not yet exactly but probably the new Reisen 5 8 ram 1050ti
  7. I am interested in ANTEC PSU 550W NEO ECO MODULAR 80+ What do they say?
  8. This is the motherboard, I bought it in the country the only problem it does for me is installing an operating system on the ssd. It seems to me that I will give it to a technician who fixes my laptop screen on the way maybe he will succeed
  9. https://www.banggood.com/Original-Onda-H110C-Solid-State-Capacitance-Intel-H110-Chip-1151-Pin-DVI-VGA-M-ATX-Motherboard-p-1140418.html?cur_warehouse=CN יש לי את הלוח אם הנוכחי ואני מתכוון להחליף אותו ואת המעבד אבל בלוחות החדשים צריך כניסה של 8 פינים, יש איזה מתאם שאני יכול להשתמש בו או שאני חייב לקנות ספק חדש?
  10. This is the board if how do I update it? And I did install on Clean a few times and failed. And this is a male connection to a female-the adapter is the male and the female is the motherboard. The question is whether this will cause problems because it fits into a so-called video card, so what adapter do I need?
  11. Okay so I'll wait and I'll buy NVME with the new motherboard. And you know tell me what to do to be successful yes use SSD? I tried the rule except for updating the BIOS which I also do not know if will help. And regarding the question of the SATA adapter to 8 PIN do you know the answer?
  12. https://superuser.com/questions/1186476/cant-install-windows-10-on-samsung-850-evo-250gb-ssd-in-asus-k75vm יש למחשב שלי sata 3 אז לדעתי זה בעיה בכונן ssd , ולעשות בוט מהm.2 הם יכולים ? ואיזה כוננים מתאימים למתאם שפירסמתי?
  13. Yes story probably has such a problem for SAMSUNG I saw online
  14. I did not really find adapters I would be happy to help me (maybe on Amazon but also not really found at a normal price) and in all the videos I saw on YouTube there is not really a big difference between SSD and NVME except for file transfer (which is less interesting to me) but opening the computer and loading games almost the same. And I already have a standard SSD that will be in addition to M.2 it just has a problem that it is not possible to install an operating system on it. I prefer a regular M2 even though it is like a regular SSD because it is also more convenient that it is inside the motherboard. But if I find an NVME adapter at a normal price then I will also buy the first one I named which is NVME.
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