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  1. I never remember the foreach syntax by heart, I preferred to write from memory a code that will run safely (rather than open a VS that will complete me automatically:)) .... according to the question it seems not yet .... Thanks new to me!
  2. string str = "my string"; for (int i = 0; i
  3. Go through the string character after character and run the Char.IsDigit () function on each character
  4. I have the following exercise: Program writers who pick up a long string of words may have more word-for-word spacing. The program will create an array of pointers so that each member will point to a single word. Stages A function that receives the number of array members and prints it. I'm currently trying to resolve and I have a problem - for some reason once I do REALLOC to the matrix - the values ​​go wrong. (The REALLOC to the inner array of the matrix in the zero row works fine) Code: (less important to me now is the correctness of the solution, but the problem I have) c code.docx After one iteration of the loop this is the value in the matrix: mat1 = 0x00000230d6c50850 {0x00000230d6c55250 "hellow"} After the REALLOC: {
  5. Is there such a thing at all? And if so - how can I find a case that suits me for this: hard drive-internal. Html What should I check? (Connection type? Size?) And how do I check it? And of course - the best - if there is a recommendation for a specific product! ... Thank you
  6. Looking for a recommendation for an external drive for backup at least 1TB, better 2 (depending on what the prices will be ....) SSD price range of 300-500 shekels (closer to 300 ml 500 ..) Speed ​​is of course important to me, but the most important thing to me is Reliability - that it will last, not be confused, not overheat, not lock and other troubles that happen with storage devices .... Does a reliable and reputable company have a recommendation for a specific product? Because I was completely lost with all the existing models .... thanks in advance!
  7. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    Thank you, it's really encouraging ... both that I do not get involved for no reason and that there is someone who will get me out of the complication .... ☺
  8. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    Learning C (and a thousand other languages ​​that have become one cheerful mix in my brain, but okay ...) this matter of null would have actually been solved if I had used srtcpy, right? Because he probably does copy it okay I will copy the null too, it seems to me I know how to do it and get ready for many more silly questions of this kind .... it seems to me that it's pretty legitimate for someone starting C, no? I realized it was called hard language
  9. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    C ++ Is there a different option in Visual Studio 2019 at all? And the code is the same code as before, you will see there that to go over the string I used while isAlpha, which is a bit of a stuttering solution, simply because when I did while str the loop continued to no end ....
  10. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    Maybe now I will confuse only half a million .... and I was confused with a dynamic array and yes, the solution worked ... and at least someone else understood what I did there ... and if already - then we learned that after each string appears zero ascetic, so to go over all The string should do while while the condition is that the char in the current place is not equal to 0, but that does not stop me from the loop, the pointer continues to progress and passes to me the next strings that are in memory. It sounds so absurd to me, but it's just what's going on, hours of debugging until I realized it ....
  11. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    Is this abundant knowledge something that will happen to me in the end too? This is really the alert I received, and I also tried to use the proposed function, but as expected I did not get along with it ... (just because I am starting) Dynamic allocation is the same principle of what is learned in data structures? Not the realization in C, the principle. Realizing it in C sounds like something tough. And why is it so great nonsense to write myself? Just saving time? Because maybe in real life (at work ...) it's nonsense, but as a practice it does not seem to me that it is so bad ....
  12. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    First of all - I want to, yes, but gently .... 😔 Second thing - my opinion on strcpy is very positive, but my compiler's opinion is not so .... I have no idea why but it does not let me use this function, so I have to use more primitive substitutes .... indeed, it is limited in length, because I do not know how to do it otherwise then if I define a pointer and do not initialize it it does not get an address, then it is not possible to add values ​​to it, right? Apparently I missed the explanation of this matter in class, and I no longer had the strength to search ....
  13. Gingit

    Boot pointers in C

    Thank you! Here is the corrected function: if something like this can be understood ..... void funcTurn (char * str) {char newStr [20] = {0}, * place, * start; place = newStr + 1; start = str; while (isalpha (* start)) {if (* (start + 1) == 0) {* newStr = * start; break; } else {* (place ++) = * (start ++); }} start = str; place = newStr; while (isalpha (* place)) {* (start ++) = * (place ++); }}
  14. I have homework to write a function that gets a string (array of course) and number N, and spins the string in a circular fashion (the last character becomes the first) Is the string that has already been spun once, but once you enter the function the pointer resets, all the strings become empty, and the function stops working. I tried both as a function that returns a string and also as a function that works on the voters, nothing helped what could be the problem? This is the file
  15. Gingit

    Help in SQL

    I tried to set an OUTPUT variable of type TABLE and it gave me an error at the end I did this: (create procedure proc2 (@start_date date, @end_date date as begin select count ([code]), sum ([Sum]) from [dbo]. [Moves] where [Date1] <@ end_date and [Date1]> @ start_date end and ran fine hope it passes ... Thanks
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