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  1. Definitely an explanation. I will also explain: I do not think a private investigator is following me. I wrote earlier that to think that an intelligence organization like nsa is following you is indeed unfounded. A private investigator hired by someone who conflicts with you is a little less absurd. Anyone who goes through an ugly divorce, is in a business dispute, succeeds in business, sues / is sued, etc. can be in someone's sights. I'm not paranoid and I'm really a nerd who has not hit a fly and still maintains basic precautionary rules. Just because I can 't think of a reason someone would want to hurt me does not mean someone else would not either
  2. Why do you think I'm not worried about other things? Asked about logging in to the bank account from a cafe and I answered. And if you think you're so smart and allow yourself to write that I'm alive in a movie, then please let's hear what else to worry about
  3. Licensed Private Investigator. Let me chuckle. If he is licensed (what does that mean at all? A certificate from the government?) Then he is probably an angel and there is no problem that he will intrude on my privacy. What can already happen? By the way - there is always something to hide. It could be medical / psychological treatment, less accepted political opinions in your environment (work, friends), things you did that you are not proud of, etc. Look I do not claim that you should disconnect from the Internet and that you should go back to the eighties. Some basic precautions that are not too burdensome, and an understanding that there are bad guys out there. that's it
  4. I can not expand because I am not a hacker and I do not know how to do it but I know there are things I do not know. The chances that a multi-resource intelligence organization is looking for you are low, but that a criminal organization is trying to extract passwords (email, bank account, etc.) from everything nearby or you are in the sights of some private investigator is no longer so unfounded. You can never know. And as for the "what do I have to hide" claim that people pull out - there is always something to hide, your privacy
  5. You may have summed up. I would not rely on the browser. There are also ways to outwit him
  6. True, but most people will just click the button that says "I confirm I want to continue to a site whose certificate is unrecognized" and there are other ways to get smart. It is not recommended to provide passwords on a public network of a cafe, hotel, airport, etc. You can log in with your private connection and then switch to the public network. Most sites use https so no problem
  7. Certainly he can. Do you know what a dns server is? If the device is set to use the dns server provided by the router then it can redirect you to the IP of its Pike website when you type in the address of the Bank Hapoalim website. This can be avoided by setting up a specific dns server (like Google's for example) but most people are not aware of it. And mfa in a sms message will not help in such a case. Using Google Authenticator - Yes
  8. Assuming your bank app / website uses https to talk to the server - the attacker can't see your password (unless it's a huge resource breaker like NSA or something like that then I have no idea). What a reasonable attacker (someone with some understanding) can do is redirect your browsing, make you think you are browsing your bank website (even if the address is correct) and actually set up a fake website that will make you phishing for a password to enter there. In that case a password you get in sms will not help you because you will just hand it over to an attacker. A password in the mfa app is much more secure because the intruder does not have access to it. If you ask me, do not give out any password when you are connected to a public network. Certainly not of a bank account where the damage can be heavy if the password is stolen
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