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  1. Again my brother asks, I want to do the calibration with you. Where are you?
  2. Where are you? I would love to calibrate my screen this is a SAMSUNG screen with a VA panel, do you think there will be a real improvement?
  3. It is known if the AMD DLSS will work even if 5700XT or only in the new series?
  4. The screen I offered you is not suitable?
  5. As one who had a few Antec cases, I would recommend staying away from them, not quiet cases, AIRFLOW reasonable but material quality is quite low .. I just switched to the PUREBASE 500, an amazing case. Quiet, beautiful, elegant. Highly recommend it
  6. Forget about everything they offered you here, I am selling a C27HG70QQM screen for 1700 NIS, read some reviews on it and I think you will understand why the price is so good .. A year ago it cost me 2600 NIS and there are two more years left on it. This is the screen with the best value for money of all that has been offered to you here.
  7. I have the 34 Duo on the 2600X, Maza does not cover all the IHS of the CPU?
  8. Your response came out a bit messy, I did not understand, regarding the fact that I am in a dark room, which one is better for me IPS or VA? And you write that you have seen reviews of IPS screens for GAMING and they are successful, bottom line what would you do? Replacing Samsung with LG or waiting for a more significant breakthrough in the field of screens?
  9. This is what I saw the segment where LG has low contrast but did not understand so how it is expressed and is it something really noticeable compared to say 2500-3000 in Samsung? And true to the screen 3 years ago but the VA panel already then came with QLED and a few other features such as FREESYNC 2 and the like, so debating whether the transition from VA to IPS is noticeable? (Although I play mostly in a dark room and I realized that IPS screens in a dark room have all kinds of effects like IPS GLOW or BLACKLIGHT BLEEDING and the like compared to VA who suffer less from these problems) This is what I saw the comparison but still not so able to understand from it whether the transition pays off for me, I saw that Things that LG takes such as a panel with more accurate colors but that Samsung has LOCAL
  10. Hi friends, so I have had the Samsung c27hg70qqm screen for a year now which I am quite happy with and also bought it at the time at a very discounted price. I just had the opportunity to get the LG 27GL850 screen at a very discounted price again (1300 NIS for that matter) and I thought was it worth "upgrading" the screen I have for this screen? Because I see pretty good reviews on the LG even though its HDR is less good What HDR on my screen but on the other hand is a NANO IPS panel in front of VA, does it significantly affect the color quality? I will sell my Samsung for the same price I buy the LG so I do not "lose" money The question is whether in terms of performance / quality this transition is worth the The headache of starting to open up awareness of acquaintances
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