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  1. Inaccurate all games All movies come in a 16: 9 configuration so it is irrelevant 4: 3 screen, the videos come out distorted if stretched all over the screen so that no justification can be found for the existence of a 7.1 screen "at 4: 3. All devices fly" Still knowledgeable with many problems and a plastic screen that is easily scratched, the image is not as shiny as glass and more ...
  2. Why can not adjust NVIDIA video card to 4: 4: 4, image attached not via RGB or YCBCR also can not adjust dynamic range output every time trying to change or return to the data in the image, HDMI 2.0 screen 2070 trust card for external blue ray no problem working At 12 BIT RGB or YCBCR and the computer does have a problem?
  3. Memories Buy by list of motherboard manufacturer that recommends memories! I used to have a problem with a desktop computer + OC and Gigabyte customer service told me that the memories are not in the list of the board so I have to purchase memories whose timing matches the board and tested Note each board if there is a list of memories tested
  4. Do not understand why buy a maximum folding cellphone 7.1 inches Normal cellphone 6.8 inches, for what folds very thick and gives me nothing Plastic screen that is very scratched
  5. What's the problem with Amazon selling adapters for all their cooling types for zero NIS 25 https://www.amazon.com/-/he/gp/product/B09FSWFRTQ/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=A1Z5H6ZGWCMTNX&psc=1 even stores in Israel are unable to buy At marginal costs, adapters to sell cooling to the Socket 1700 must note that today even the Socket 1700 DDR4 motherboards, very hard to get except for the worst Gigabit and Asus board, hard to get
  6. Looking for quality air cooling for the Z690 AORUS ELITE AX DDR4 board from the Noctua manufacturer that fits the above board for the 12900 processor
  7. That is, it is clear from the article that there is room for production of 2060 12NM video cards because everyone wants 7/5/4 NM. It is best to give up buying hardware until 2023 - for those who do not need
  8. I do not think so Wireless standard - directly related to the bandwidth that is transmitted The sound does not improve sound or video It is bandwidth that comes you can pass information what you write as bandwidth gives a certain quality to sound or video and it is not true Internet line 100 MB versus 2500 MB will not improve The sound or video can only easily transfer certain files only informative processing in the cellular processor + headphone software can improve the information or damage it you will take a cellphone with Blue Fly 5.0 from different cellular companies and hear different differences in hardware due to different processing circuits different 32-bit sound sample / 384kHz audio versus 24-bit / 192kHz audio Quality of hardware in all cellular (not just standards) Samsung processor versus Qualcomm Atmos aptX HD processor, aptX Adaptive A2DP
  9. No, it does not have to be this way in life! This is a huge scam of promises with no coverage for anything! It looks like a dead generation CL40? Joke to buy an expensive board with PCI-E 5.0 that has no video card in the field and no video card with PCI-E 5.0 on the way Joke M.2 PCI-E 5..0 - another joke that is not even in line
  10. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/core-i9-12900k-ddr4-versus-ddr5-performance-review,1.html (DDR4 3600 CL16) לעומת (DDR5 5200 CL40) פשוט שוב צוחקים על הקונה ומציעים לו זכרון יקר יותר שלא תורם כלום ! DDR5 כרגע סוס מת שרק מביא ליצרנים רווח ללא תועלת למשתמש .
  11. This is the problem that transfer the videos taken or YouTube from the cellphone to the Samsung or OLED screen it does not look good, the pixel quality, poor color, poor I have a Samsung cellphone with all the advanced capabilities of Samsung and there are differences between different wireless headphones due to different processing in the headset and chipset
  12. Too bad there is no comparison Which mobile processor Samsung / Qualcomm / Mediatek Which one gives better sound quality through Sony headphones for streaming YouTube? Every HDR on a cellphone is a 6 "size joke. You can not see differences or pixel quality. 4K video? Also problematic in mobile because a screen that will hold these levels and the processor also with a suitable screen in the future will burn from heat
  13. "Friend" read again "Your friend" addresses me with threats and curses! This creature writes over 4000 posts here, long since he lost the urge to answer today cursing anyone who asks questions or answers contrary to his opinions! By the time this creature got to the thread, everything went very nicely complaining against the creature cursing and threatening! No manager is willing to mess with him. So the creature with its names "compulsive toxin" every time it has nerve attacks thinks people here should treat it it goes into threads and curses, quarrels, causes damage to forums! And to locate. Before you answer nonsense read to your toxic friend it's a creature that needs psychiatric treatment (I once passed by a medical faculty, but that does not make me a doctor)
  14. From moment to moment the answers are getting worse quality water cooler in reviews only noisy and not enough cooler and after 3 months starts the troubles of rust water cooler and rising noise and rising temperature (it requires discharge of this cooler and specialization in cleaning of corrosion) Water cooler is only for people who have no experience until How bad it's cool
  15. This is a forum built to bring hardware issues if you or Intel complain that your product is problematic and there are complaints I do not address and air conditioner does not solve a heat problem I do not have to freeze the room 24/7 for an Intel processor to work
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