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  1. Not new that there is a problem of new components but such a thing I have not seen companies come out with new products and the differences between Israel and Amazon or NEWEGG are not high. I contacted TMS. There is not even a return date of 5900) Make an entire computer account and you will receive the differences 1600XT video card I did not find at all and if a high price comes ...
  2. If I'm ignorant why do you come back all day to answer me? At least I ask, you are just cursing that you do not accept your words as the word of God and everything you write has nothing to do with any reality. You can not explain anything to me, because you really do not understand. People who do not understand can not explain. The last thing I want is to get information from you or correspond with you. And even though I'm writing to you for all your names that your mind is not worth, do you keep cursing? Missing threads to write on? Really do not think that Intel engineers are God but I know they understand much more than you. Your friends from the Technion, you are here 24 hours, what about you and the Technion?
  3. You're not telling the truth again I asked for advice on air cooling and I brought some coolers to choose from a simple question instead of a clear answer as to which air cooler you tried under different names to force me to buy a water cooler all my answers to you stop your terror and harassment towards you continue to bother me. As if you are getting money from someone to forcefully harass with nonsense and unreality. You keep coming back to my threads every day and writing endless nonsense even though you know I am not interested in any help from you, neither today nor tomorrow nor ever. But because you have no life you will come back tomorrow. The hallucinatory answer: he
  4. Even if you write in 10 names and threaten me because you are addicted to the nonsense you write, it will not help you. All the information you have attached to you and your various names on Wikipedia has nothing to do with anything. That means Intel invests manpower, engineers, money to cool and you decide otherwise. I do not understand why you are here in the forum for free instead of donating from your abilities to Intel in money or donating your brain to science? You can laugh for 2 seconds ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++ (Like Intel 14 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++) Maybe renaming the forum and threatening people is your strong suit? I'm not even a farmer
  5. Read your writing again because in practice you do not say anything in any situation of cooling or heating hot or cold air flowing from one place and another place What is new here? It's a physics of circulation. Again physics that says nothing hot air movement to a less hot area has nothing to do with anything all the scriptures you brought. It has nothing to do with W that cooling takes or needs or abilities just nothing, except basic physics where hot air dissipates, what's new about it? Again inaccurate also water cooling need 300W in some situations, it does not mean that constantly consumes the maximum watt the link you brought is not related to anything like any
  6. What is the connection, large or small? You have no idea what the amount of electricity is and you draw conclusions regardless of the product you do not know what exactly is made and yet works and there is no hint in the video about this cooling power lots of potential no noise - it is huge no heat in the chassis as in other methods does not take up OC potential Today
  7. I am trying to connect 2 monitors to a computer in duplication with NVIDIA 2070 The monitors support HDR but Windows with 2 monitors does not allow HDR to be turned on No problem getting HDR in Windows with one monitor connected via HDMI
  8. Attaches a link Sub Ambient Cooling - The new Intel Cryo Cooler brings TEC Cooling to a new Level
  9. After all, I listed at the top of my question the competitors Phison e18 which contains a 1.4 NVMe Rev chip. This is the new generation You ask what is the new generation? Read the article on the website https://hwzone.co.il/main-computers/ The battle-over-the-next-generation-warming-up-ssd-new-generation-cribs / According to the manufacturer by the end of the month it came out and I mentioned that it is the new generation - Your SSD is also not sold in the market yet. And it's not the new generation, 1.4 NVMe Rev, your SSD contains a 1.3 chip.
  10. Again there is no explanation for my questions bringing up the REV of the 980 PRO even you can not explain what is related to your link. Now you are bringing me quotes from REV that are not related to my question: The link you provided is written on every site that does REV of 980 PRO
  11. Do not understand you gave a link without explaining what I am supposed to see or understand?
  12. Wonderful if there is no difference between Samsung and other manufacturers but no one checks it? After all, there are online tests for Intelligent TurboWrite or a continuous test of using a file transfer. Ask where are the competitors?
  13. Attached is a new NVMe SSD https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/phison-e18-to-be-fastest-pcie-gen-4x4-nvme-ssd-controller-going-for-7400-mbs.html to be Extremely fast but not understood by the whole new generation, are they competing with the Samsung 980 PRO? In terms of continuous writing Intelligent TurboWrite that comes in Samsung 108GB and no other manufacturer mentions this term in it?
  14. But it does not make sense that we have been used for years that 2 sticks are better than 4 sticks and now it is the other way around? Maybe low CL is no longer relevant to AMD?
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