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  1. I understand you I understood that this generation is lost for me the shortage will be another 9 months, that is not before 2022 My luck that I have 2070 The worst thing that warranty does not exist in Israel they dodge and explode with laughter in your face another 9 months will sell you 3090 for 1000 NIS used because Bitcoin has gone down and it will not be profitable it happens in every generation of increase in Bitcoin Those who are harmed are gaming companies, players,
  2. Just do not believe the price of 3090 in Israel reached NIS 13,639 https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=105189&search=3090
  3. Please contact a delusional lawyer like you and ask him to give out my details. Will you promise to pay him in Bitcoin? Maybe you want me to pay you grocery expenses? The garbage from the Lumbago that is in the back, which is why you are exempt from working? Or will you leave here your full details and a real phone call that my lawyer will check with you on how you pay! Maybe you want me to look for a lawyer for you? Ahh you do not have Bitcoin, tell him that one day you will have money for a Bitcoin wallet and maybe chocolate Bitcoin coins. And I will show you Babi
  4. Again wrong, you are not suing the person, you are suing the company a separate legal entity What civil lawsuit? The company went bankrupt, there is no money, no protection even if they win and win millions, there is no way to back up. Again wrong, you are not suing the person, you are suing the company a separate legal entity What civil lawsuit? The company went bankrupt, there is no money, no protection even if they win and win millions, there is no way to back up. Oh really, which lawyer will sue? He has no option to get money? In the case of a personal lawsuit against the firm's executives, you can lift the curtain and look for insights that will prove that there was criminal negligence against its owner.
  5. There is no such thing as an automatic claim and it cannot be sued directly because he is an employee who works for a limited liability company. This means that the firm has no guarantees for the firm's finances or losses! For a lawsuit and no money can be taken because there is no company or guarantee for the company and no money. Therefore it is not possible to get a penny worn out from this company! Because the company went bankrupt. Here you claim that they will not get their money back. Know where the money is? And he lives in a rented house Who claimed he could not touch the money? The money
  6. https://www.mako.co.il/news-law/2021_q1/Article-3ec44a88f68d771027.htm איש העסקים אמיר ברמלי נידון ל-10 שנים בכלא: "רימה את המשקיעים" ברמלי הורשע בהונאה וגניבת כספים בסך כולל של 340 מיליון שקלים ממשקיעיו • מלבד עונש המאסר, בית המשפט המחוזי בתל אביב גזר עליו קנס של 400 אלף שקלים • הפרקליטה שניהלה את התיק: "העונש שנגזר הוא משמעותי ומבטא גישה מחמירה כלפי הונאת משקיעים בשוק ההון" האדם הבריח כספים לכל העולם יחיה מריביות ישב בכלא הנוח 8 שנים וישתחרר על התנהגות טובה ויצא לחיות כמו קינג במהלך המשפט ניסה לסחוט את הבן של השופט במשפטו https://www.calcal
  7. Exactly you miss the Fuente Musk posted but forgot it's a bow tie! Which also shows how very dangerous as a manager is! Who declares that the company was in difficulties and before bankruptcy and he was looking for investors and also Apple who buys firms like rolls, refused not only not to buy not even to meet with Musk !!! Very irresponsible as he smokes drugs and photographs it! And after a few days the US authorities banned him from being the CEO of Tesla! Oops! You do not have NIS to buy pepper - so sue? Do you not have one Bitcoin - and you tell delusional stories about the wonders of Bitcoin?
  8. Again you distort the words they are addicted to bitcoin trading, and I am still very careful about working with them there are computer stores that promise you new computers, there is a lot of trouble with their computers and the parts are not always new. (From experience) and then problems of reliability and warranty (like buying bitcoin they buy parts for computers from dubious factors and then warranty does not exist) this is one of the reasons why many people are tired of buying a computer in Israel I am not desperate you are the one who is desperate That I have revealed several times how unreliable you are and all your words are worth nothing! Maybe even less than nothing. You're Pesh
  9. It is a professional and business term that a person invests money as a firm, self-employed he needs to build a business plan for what interest rate he expects a level of risk that a person invests from equity and loses it in income tax recognize it as expenses and investment went down the drain and do not pay taxes on it. Taxes if he shows that he does not make a profit according to criteria set by the Ministry of Finance that year. First of all I do not have to show anything, no one pays me and I am not in court. There is no connection at all to overdrawing - overdrawing to an individual is not related to this investment In total, you withdrew several hundred NIS minus a credit card
  10. This is exactly the same problem as with me 2070 I have waited for 3080 not to come I will not wait for June to buy at an exorbitant price. For the next generation NVIDIA has destroyed its line in favor of gamblers
  11. Unfortunately you do not understand what an overdraft (the broad term) is a loss in the stock market Money you have from buying shares or currency (non-profits) is called an equity loss (hence the term overdraft) you can cover these losses from various loans or savings you have ... without Contact the bank (but still called overdraft, because loss of equity (not a loss of profit) is not related to the question of whether you are allowed to enter the minus for every person in the State of Israel and Western countries are allowed to enter the minus minus approved for you. Your (today no longer has to be a bank), business plan, loans and more ... (the small account and hi
  12. Nividia RTX 3060 Benchmarked! Both in Gaming and Mining https://videocardz.com/newz/zotac-geforce-rtx-3060-early-gpu-mining-test-shows-reduced-hashrate-in-action
  13. Many technologies have been taken to enhance video from games it's just a matter of time who will harness it as AI enters video software Enhance & Upscale Any Video to 4K Using Gigapixel's AI | NEW Method Here you see but the photo software helps the movies quite by mistake The Fastest Way to Enhance & Upscale Video Footage To 4K | Comparing 3 EASY
  14. There are no reputable investors in the country there are some farms in all involved families that are considered criminal are also there are compulsive gamblers you just do not understand what is money value or economy! Liquidity of stocks = value Liquidity of money = value If you do not understand this, you do not understand economics. This path you bring Wikipedia nonsense that is unrelated to anything over and over again you show that you are a compulsive gambler in your character, just make money and as much crypto today has no value is digital money not recognized by countries. Problematic and I would run away from shops that deal in crypto like
  15. I do not know who taught you economics, but you invent concepts and distort the term economics! There is no debt economy - there are people who have money to buy what they want and pay cash and not get into Uber Draft there are people - who gamble with money they do not have and hope that one day the money will come and they can pay. It has nothing to do with defining an economy - just because you choose to pay by the way does not mean we all live that way or we all have no money. Also a firm - works with account books that come defined funds that will come in the future and their ability to pay according to its sales! According to owner loans and more .. All this is documented in an account book. No one works without a defined forecast in accounting. There is no money falling from my name
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