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  1. I read the specifications of the card Radeon ™ RX 6600 XT 1. Do not understand what color range comes? BT 2020 or REC 709 or DCI -P3 2. What types of HDR supports are there 4 main types and not write? 3. 128-bit for 2200 NIS? It is called cheap? 4. H265 / HEVC Decode but not specified Color space that supports and several bits per resolution? 5. HDMI ™ 2.1 VRR and FRL - what happens to all other HDMI devices? ALLM? Quick Frame Transport (QFT) 6. Comes to 48Gbps? 7. No DP 2.0 standard 8. Does it come with dynamic HDR and of what method? It looks like an outdated video card with a new price AMD does not give almost official data
  2. Samsung brings in 2022 OLED QD at RGB level, ie 3 colors as the movies are shot and this is an advantage over LG. Easy to calibrate colors, suitable for video cards that come in RGB (3 colors) Great colors that already exist in games and movies The question with video cards really support this color space? 2. 3NITS that it's good for OLED Image Brightness 80. Nowadays OLED screens give good results for response times and it's amazing for games https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=2020 https: //www.whathifi. com / news / samsung-tipped-to-launch-first-ever-qd-oled-tv-in-early-4
  3. Which cellphone gives audio quality of streaming music to YouTube? I subscribe to YouTube and listen to music on Sony or Samsung headphones and am looking for a cell phone that will give me the best audio quality I can get.
  4. Parade Launches DisplayPort ™ 2.0 -to-HDMI ™ 2.1 Protocol Converter Solutions The capabilities of DisplayPort ™ 2.0 that converts to HDMI 2.1 are amazing and this is important for people who have a 12bit color screen and want the whole HDMI 2.1 protocol want to connect another device to the receiver and see what better Audio or image between HDMI or DP There are countless decoding and conversion options here https://www.paradetech.com/products/ps196/ The big question in which finished products do we see this?
  5. I understand you I understood that this generation is lost for me the shortage will be another 9 months, that is not before 2022 My luck that I have 2070 The worst thing that warranty does not exist in Israel they dodge and explode with laughter in your face another 9 months will sell you 3090 for 1000 NIS used because Bitcoin has gone down and it will not be profitable it happens in every generation of increase in Bitcoin Those who are harmed are gaming companies, players,
  6. Just do not believe the price of 3090 in Israel reached NIS 13,639 https://www.tms.co.il/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=105189&search=3090
  7. Please contact a delusional lawyer like you and ask him to give out my details. Will you promise to pay him in Bitcoin? Maybe you want me to pay you grocery expenses? Will you send me an invoice with your full details or will I just give you my credit card for your use? The garbage from Lumbago that is in the back, which is why you are exempt from working? Or leave your full details here and a real phone call that my lawyer will check with you on how you pay! Maybe you want me to look for a lawyer for you? Ahh you do not have Bitcoin, tell him that one day you will have money for a Bitcoin wallet and maybe chocolate Bitcoin coins. And I will show you in court anyone caught writing endless nonsense and hallucinatory lies threatening a libel lawsuit he lost in an argument that understands until How much is Stutnik! Personally turn to psychiatry, look for you a professional who gets Bitcoin? Or falafel balls I have nothing to fear from a creature like you You do not yet have the brain to understand how much brain you do not you are completely delusional according to your writing here and I answered you in detail about your hallucinations
  8. Again wrong, you are not suing the person, you are suing the company a separate legal entity What civil lawsuit? The company went bankrupt, there is no money, no protection even if they win and win millions, there is no way to back up. Again wrong, you are not suing the person, you are suing the company a separate legal entity What civil lawsuit? The company went bankrupt, there is no money, no protection even if they win and win millions, there is no way to back up. Oh really, which lawyer will sue? That he can not get money? In the case of a personal lawsuit against the firm's executives, one can lift the curtain and look for insights that will prove that there was criminal negligence against its owner. This is not an easy story to prove, because what is criminal negligence? After all, this is an investment company and every investment has a risk. And in the end they will not get anything There were lawsuits that the principal said I have no money I live with my parents and for hundreds of millions he stole - paid 2000 NIS a month repayment and even less the person sitting in jail 10 years he cleared his name from any property what investigations will pass? You need after you win the lawsuit for execution and search for property of the defendant only the search expenses will go up more because the money abroad if he has no money to pay anything also 10% interest per month will give you zero NIS refund there is no inquiry to prove that the money does not exist before The trial that the state won did not conduct an investigation ability 7 years of statute of limitations = 7 years of statute of limitations (after 10 years in prison who will look? "We do not live in the regime of a country without a law. You can not take a person for interrogation to look for money that can not be found because stolen (if in account books there is no information) he stood trial and received punishment (the investigation was done) found no hidden money except a car he bought, flights abroad" For other such insignificant things, who will fund private investigators with hundreds of thousands of NIS? + Expense account? The money abroad, buy Bitcoin you look for an e-wallet online or USB The police will not investigate civil interest What money? What salary? The man was sentenced to 10 years in the state and you will fund his stay in prison for 400,000 NIS who paid a fine and after 10 years will move to another state, you can not arrest a person by force for life he has already received an exemption from court regarding money wrong again there are laws for many years On money laundering it is not that they suddenly invented a law in the US against Bank Leumi, they passed an existing law. And no one suddenly invented laws on tax offenses because he heard that there are some in Bank Leumi from 2015 is it ancient? Who will ask him another 10 years after jail? Who will chase the money? After Nazi criminals did not chase like some individuals people who sought revenge at all costs who will look for you in a foreign country? Even in Israel, Bitcoin will sell online and live under a different name. Again, the statute of limitations has invested in a new business, and the registrar of income, the country is not interested, it receives taxes or moves to another country living in a different identity, living in another's apartment. Murder and not committed here Murder is the law - you are a murderer to be special you have to go to the court The person was punished and received imprisonment and therefore statute of limitations is relevant even if the creditors who invested NIS 7 million each sue together, only legal costs will exceed more NIS NIS. D will not take such a case the money went away if there is no civil lawsuit you will not be able to embitter his life i.e. pay money to embitter his life without getting money from it you mix laws that have nothing to do with this here it is a judicial company and not financial information for credit card oh really what is innocence related? Read my answer, everything is wrong with you What do banks have to do with a company that has gone bankrupt? Two different business entities The director of the firm One legal entity and the bankrupt business Another legal entity You can hold millions and a diamond credit card Even your company has gone bankrupt so it can hold credit for any need and at most sell Bitcoin, which does not go through state credit Where you see a court banned To run an account or a digestive burden on his money? In terms of court and a final sentence, a fine of 400,000 NIS The rest of your fantasies What does this have to do with this case? Every day there are people who do not want to give them credit in the bank for all sorts of reasons then? The person did not receive a penalty that he is not allowed to open a bank account The person received only a penalty of paying NIS 400,000 + prison You constantly invent civil lawsuits that were not and are not on the agenda. You are an inventor who will be sought after all his life and all this is not true!
  9. There is no such thing as an automatic claim and it cannot be sued directly because he is an employee who works for a limited liability company. This means that the firm's owners have no guarantees for the firm's finances or losses! And because the company is in financial difficulties and closed you can not sue. For a lawsuit and no money can be taken because there is no company or guarantee for the company and no money. Therefore it is not possible to get a penny worn out from this company! Because the company went bankrupt. Here you claim that they will not get their money back. Do you know where the money is? And he lives in rent Who claimed he could not touch the money? The money was transferred to different places in the world, you will prove whose money? Can always tell a story I paid my debt to a prison company, and I honestly earned this money in investments You will prove where the money is in the US or France Is money of embezzlement? Who will chase him after jail? To see where he gets the money from? No country has a permit to persecute a person who is guilty and ask him where all the NIS comes from, especially not in the free world! Especially in another country. Are you sure? Ask the banks in Israel what happened that opened Leumi branches operating in the US and how money was laundered until US authorities Billions demanded from them https://www.calcalist.co.il/markets/articles/0,7340,L-3648477,00.html You still do not understand the essence of the results of the lawsuit for a total payment of 400,000 NIS + he has no prison Still no claims and payment arrangements because it became a limited liability company that went bankrupt, the burden of proof on the defendants who put their money with him for investment. And if they prove what will help them there is no company or money for the company. He should not hide in the jungle and he will get a credit card from any bank. The company that ran it did not go bankrupt, it is two different business entities) after 7 years there is a statute of limitations!
  10. https://www.mako.co.il/news-law/2021_q1/Article-3ec44a88f68d771027.htm איש העסקים אמיר ברמלי נידון ל-10 שנים בכלא: "רימה את המשקיעים" ברמלי הורשע בהונאה וגניבת כספים בסך כולל של 340 מיליון שקלים ממשקיעיו • מלבד עונש המאסר, בית המשפט המחוזי בתל אביב גזר עליו קנס של 400 אלף שקלים • הפרקליטה שניהלה את התיק: "העונש שנגזר הוא משמעותי ומבטא גישה מחמירה כלפי הונאת משקיעים בשוק ההון" האדם הבריח כספים לכל העולם יחיה מריביות ישב בכלא הנוח 8 שנים וישתחרר על התנהגות טובה ויצא לחיות כמו קינג במהלך המשפט ניסה לסחוט את הבן של השופט במשפטו https://www.calcalist.co.il/local/articles/0,7340,L-3888254,00.html https://www.globes.co.il/news/article.aspx?did=1001357547&after_registration הפרקליטה הגאונה - טוענת "העונש שנגזר הוא משמעותי ומבטא גישה מחמירה כלפי הונאת משקיעים בשוק ההון" מפחיד לחשוב מה זה עונש לא משמעותי על 340 מיליון ש"ח ? הנאשם יביא עוגה לשישי לקבלת שבת ? הנאשם ישלם 1000 ש"ח בתשלומים כל ימי חייו הנאשם ירשום על הלוח 1000 פעם לא גונבים 340 מיליון ש"ח ( תוך שהוא צוחק על הטימטום ) עונש צריך להיות לפחות כל הכסף שגנב שיחזיר +כספים פיצויים שישלם כל חייו לאנשים שגנב +כלא למַעַן יִראוּ ויִירָאוּ חשבון פשוט הפשע משתלם
  11. Exactly you miss the Fuente Musk posted but forgot it's a bow tie! Which also shows how very dangerous as a manager is! Who declares that the company was in difficulties and before bankruptcy and he was looking for investors and also Apple who buys firms like rolls, refused not only not to buy not even to meet with Musk !!! Very irresponsible as he smokes drugs and photographs it! And after a few days the US authorities banned him from being the CEO of Tesla! Oops! You do not have NIS to buy pepper - so sue? You do not have a single bitcoin - and you tell illusory stories about the wonders of bitcoin? Go to an attorney who will go to court to get the details you can fantasize to sue me through the back an attorney can do that and bring you my details and I promise you delusional that you will pay me more money than you dream I will pay you as compensation let's see how long it takes you to keep your word! Because if you do not sue me, everyone here in the forum will think that you are inventing things! Just chattering! Some people may think you are a junkie! Daydreaming! I promise to write to you when I get his indictment and his hallucination. You can according to all your writings, everything I wrote I explained in great detail how much you do not understand anything! Not in Bitcoin and not in economics. And you have no bitcoin at all even money for an e-wallet to put bitcoin you do not have! And you are all delusional stories. Again all your writings are scams and I explained in detail that there is no real education in economics at all and you are a crook who declares others to gamble on something you do not gamble! It's a scam too! Worse proving you're a compulsive gambler who's read too many articles about libel lawsuits and come to the conclusion that in order to make money, you need to sue for money, because you're a loser? Work You do not work to invest Do not have money for falafel to study? If you do not have money for falafel you will probably not have money for studies and moreover you prove to the whole forum that you are nothing and a poor person who does not have NIS for pepper because Purim has arrived today, I suggest you dress up for Bitcoin because it is the closest thing you can get to currency It's worth a Bitcoin coin, even if you have it. $ 5 billion is stolen: Craig Wright demands that Bitcoin developers return 110 coins. Craig Wright, who claimed in 2016 that he invented Bitcoin and has not proven his identity since, claims that 110 coins worth about $ 5 were stolen from him. $ XNUMX billion. He filed a pre-prosecution warning to 16 prominent currency developers, demanding that they work to recover the lost amount recently. "More nonsense of yours no one claimed the company owned Tesla! Are you daydreaming again? And you've another hallucination worth billions? Say you're completely delusional? (You cite Tesla as an example and we tell you that all your stuff is nonsense + reference to your nonsense) As usual you did not read the article Tesla produces zero amount of actual vehicles less than 500 vehicles and in practice in zero quantity fails to produce a vehicle without problems. Less than 500 vehicles and more complaints than buyers Buy a video showing Tesla Everything That Wrong With My Tesla Model 3 - Quality Problems GOODBYE TESLA! The Truth about Tesla Service Centers! Quality Control?
  12. Again you distort the words they are addicted to trading bitcoin, and I am still very careful about working with them there are computer stores that promise you new computers, there is a lot of trouble with their computers and the parts are not always new. (From experience) and then problems of reliability and warranty (like buying bitcoin they buy computer parts from dubious factors and then warranty does not exist) this is one of the reasons why many people are tired of buying a computer in Israel I am not desperate you are the one who is desperate and looking like a compulsive addict to look for me - after That I have revealed several times how unreliable you are and all your words are worth nothing! Maybe even less than nothing. You just keep coming back with endless distortions and lies that I have written a lot to you about problematic in all your writing Tesla is not a car company that sells the most cars in the world Recently Alon Musk revealed that Apple refused to buy Tesla. According to Musk, he contacted Cook in 2013 when the electric car maker ran into difficulties, but Cook refused to meet with him. Even Apple that buys companies like Rolls has refused to buy Tesla at a tenth of its value today or meet with Tesla. A company that is about to go bankrupt and after a few years issues it on the stock exchange and accumulates there only its capital is problematic because it is on paper and not a reality! Again Alon is a compulsive gambler and like Bitcoin falls strong and rises strongly at the end everyone knows how it will end! Let's see what drives Tesla's share price unlike other car companies and the answer "from the hype" "Tesla is an energy company, the car is just a means. Its value is driven by hype "all the time you are caught writing nonsense unconsciously just to justify yourself and as usual falls for your own exercises here is your green girlfriend Tesla and bullshit sales to make money and you further write" Musk is involved in many companies and projects aimed at improving humanity "yes sure. At least check facts you will go learn and understand nonsense you write you will go to study advanced courses in economics, understand terms of overdraft and what it is and do not join invent inventions you find in wikipedia I am not hysterical but we can not and compulsive gambler like you looking for easy money is what happens no education Selling quality vehicles! Just problems! Yes it fits the sentence you wrote: "Musk is involved in many companies and projects aimed at improving the lives of humanity" Yes sure! This is what happens when instead of building a car you smoke drugs live. US investigation: Suspicion of a safety problem in 115 Tesla vehicles ? This is the country where Tesla receives the most complaints of scratches, dents and damaged paint in cars that came out of the nylons - it seems that Tesla customers in a country where the number of electric cars per person is the highest in the world have something to complain about US authorities will check Tesla vehicles due to unwanted acceleration B reported that it would examine 127 recently filed complaints seeking to investigate irregularities involving the unwanted acceleration of some electric vehicle models • The report submitted includes reports of 110 accidents that caused injuries to 52 people really? Let's see how many Tesla vehicles actually produce! The company entered the car market in a model of producing a few vehicles, into the upper market segment using the "Roadster" model.
  13. It is a professional and matter-of-fact term that a person invests money as a firm, self-employed he has to build a business plan for what interest rate he expects a level of risk that a person invests from equity and loses it in income tax recognize it as expenses and investment gone down the drain and not pay taxes on it. Taxes if he shows that he does not make a profit according to criteria set by the Ministry of Finance that year. First of all I do not have to show anything, no one pays me and I am not in court. There is no connection at all to overdrawing - overdrawing to an individual is not related to this investment In total, you withdrew several hundred NIS in minus a credit card can reach thousands of NIS. There are state laws. How much can you be in a minus? Here we are talking about investments in thousands of dollars, foreign currency. Investment of Bitcoin currency = $ 50,000. Credit here is a serious professional investment
  14. This is exactly the same problem as with me 2070 I have waited for 3080 not to come I will not wait for June to buy at an exorbitant price. For the next generation NVIDIA has destroyed its line in favor of gamblers
  15. Unfortunately you do not understand what an overdraft (the broad term) is a loss in the stock market Money you have from buying shares or currency (not earnings) is called an equity loss (hence the term overdraft) you can cover these losses from loans or various savings you have ... Regardless of the bank (but still called overdraft, because loss of equity (not a loss of profit) is not related to the question of whether you are allowed to enter the minus for every person in Israel and Western countries are allowed to enter the minus minus approved for you varies towards guarantees, assets, persuasive abilities in front of a manager Your investments (today you no longer have to be a bank), business plan, loans and more ... (The only small account in the bank is no longer relevant today, the world has changed and we understand that businesses need space) Uber draft - this is a situation of losing capital and losing your capital independently or a company on money you actually invested! No future profits! There is no connection to a forbidden or allowed situation (you as an adult decide what you are dealing with) Every investment has a risk and since every investment has a risk it may go into a state of temporary capital loss, or final or temporary profit or final overdraft - Of the word you can also pledge assets to the principal lender and not necessarily to the bank in the standard sense of the word. You can bring money from spouses. Loans from family, friends, company cover on Uber Draft or savings you have elsewhere. So we stay that overdraft is an equity loss situation Investment loss over draft - it is also on the part of losing capital that you had bought a currency or shares with money say $ 100,000 and after a month worth $ 1000 it is an equity loss (it is a type of overdraft) and it can also be called Overt Draft (the investor is also a profit and loss unit, the investor also declares a loss to the tax authority) A loss to the tax authority is not on profits that were not but investment losses that you financed with money so you can show a loss of $ 99,000 by this example unequivocal loss of value and overdraft you buy currency 100K shares and 2K equals You are in overdraft not only a loss of value, you lost $ 98,000 from the investment you actually paid here this is not a loss of profits (with buying a currency / share in 100K and the value drops from $ 500,000 to $ 200,000, loss of profits on paper they are Still a loss of profits) but not a loss of equity of an investment you need to understand for each firm and person who invests - is an alternative interest repayment computer that thinks it is right about his money! To test the viability of investing today private / institutional law is blurring and the laws of institutions are increasingly inclusive even though a court may think otherwise. (Again a rule of thumb) An overdraft is related to any capital loss and a loss in the stock market or casino can bring you to an overdraft you look only in the narrow sense of the word in the past it is a debt to the bank this has changed over the years and still you lose money you have to finance it in the bank According to the narrow explanation a loss to the bank you gamble in the casino with money you can enter an overdraft which is money you lost from your equity again in recent years the term has changed a complex term account because different investments per person has a family that can rely on when needed and does not have to rely on one bank account. I agree again just scary to meet people who finance crypto mining money I saw coming to crypto unequivocally illegal The money thrown into crypto in imaginary amounts checking electricity bills and who pays and why (there are big games) Who pays hardware and electricity at the expense of a number of subsidiaries to cause them losses and pay little taxes. Just do not believe how many accountants are looking for ways to optimize crypto profitability not to mention tricks to hide crypto revenue.
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