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  1. Notice the same person under different names haunts me every thread captaincaveman + different names for him af db creid who does not participate in the link discussion at all deserves to just curse me Moon-Mage also claims that he is a captaincaveman in the link an unhealthy person is here all day and instead of taking care of himself, abusing customers The site and cursing them goes down on them and also says he will make sure to close their thread! And you said it is forbidden to write under different names?
  2. If you suffer from me or humans why do you come back like a virus? I'm not playing ! My Hebrew is not good for you, my understanding is not good for you and you are back to my thread? Why ? You promised not to come back Read your post that it teaches you to lie every time and you come back again like a disease or virus You promised not to come back Do not come back a person who lies once lies all day
  3. And again af db creid came back even though he promised not to come back and wasting his time answering me why af db creid every time lies and claims not to come back and after 5 minutes comes back? Is it a disease? Did a virus attack him? There are 200 threads on the site every day but like db creid disease he claims that only he knows and only he understands and he is explained that he does not understand he curses and promises not to come back like a child with a new name or cries that you do not want to hear him by db creid You lied to everyone you wrote and again you did not lie to lie.
  4. You promised not to talk to me again because it wastes your sick time and again and again you lied to all the readers of the site again to remind you az why do you come back all day again and again? After all you promised not to come back here again by mistake comes a disturbing captaincaveman known who also promises not to repeat all his names and always comes back like a virus and you always come back my thread - the person you say it's a waste of time to talk to. Why do you always lie and not keep your word like a child (far from a man) who keeps his word there are another 200 threads a day on the site and you come back here specifically to the thread you promised not to come?
  5. Really? Why are you lying to all of us and not keeping your word? Remind you that your memory is weak. Is it permissible to lie in a public forum? Through the back you come back to my thread all the time, even though you indicate "I'm ignorant" and again you come back like a disease, coming back and cursing that no one understands you! And for all your names every time you promise things and come back to cursing in a thread that the person you do not tolerate and do not want to waste time on him according to your words. You and reality are 2 parallel lines that will meet whenever the next virus arrives
  6. Why what about you and epidemiology? Have you read an article becoming an expert? And curse everyone? Everything takes time, neither you nor all the doctors have information about what will develop and when will you be the one to determine why the virus will not survive? As long as there is an animal he can enter he survives without your consent. Why is it you who determines how a virus will live and when? Even that they bring you in the scriptures that a immune system is limited in the war to Klomanik will keep your sick notes and zero understanding of you to a jerk who does not know you are a jerk enough do you really understand this is the last note? You come to my thread and show a lack of knowledge, curses go and do not come back.
  7. There is no such thing as immunity in Corona https://www.globes.co.il/news/article.aspx?did=1001356124 This is also problematic The lady did not take into account vaccinating the entire population in the world and not just in the country enough that one travels the world and gets a mutation and the whole country is infected A tourist comes to Israel and exterminates an entire hotel + every trip and bar he has been to!
  8. This is the problem that people do not understand what you write no vaccine and we finished See example flu every year need to get vaccinated for winter and the vaccine differs from year to year and is suitable for different strains what will happen to corona only the future will determine
  9. You sure you think I'm your friend? You invent terms, no herd immunity with vaccine If there is a vaccine do not need herd immunity because getting a vaccine that replaces herd immunity have not yet invented a brain transplant? And even with a vaccine there are mutations that no one promises you anything for the future
  10. https://davidson.weizmann.ac.il/online/sciencenews/חוקרים-אין-אפשרות-להגיע-לחסינות-עדר
  11. Next generation on us well, AMD fights its weaknesses which are media and adds 4K viewing support via Windows 10 which until now was limited to 10 mbps The 5700 driver value will contain Microsoft PlayReady 3.0, which contains DRM to play movies from the Netflix channel In which hwi notice. frame by frame HDCP 2.2 At least this option will be via HDMI and display port 1.3 or higher GPU with at least 3GB vram All this will be possible to see through Edge browser or Netflix app 4K broadcast 25 Mbit / s https://www.guru3d.com/news -story / amd-adds-netflix-4k-support-to-rx-5700-vid
  12. This is what I say I doubt if corona disease will disappear as it seems to me we will need every year a vaccine against new mutations mutations come from a combination of animals and the virus develops in them https://www.midaat.org.il/articles/diseases/covid19/covid19-mutation/
  13. Just remember that Africa Mutant does not get the vaccine against it and that it will reach Israel, we all patients need to remember the virus develops and undergoes many mutations so in another year we will need more vaccine more development all those who buy restaurants and wait for the vaccine or buy airlines can fall
  14. Generation 5 in Partner 100mbps instead of 50mbps in Generation 4 100mbps is still in 4th generation standard and does not need Generation 5 so there is no Fontanital filling the operators work on us also in TV and broadcast quality in Cellcom / Partner / YES Ray reaches 4mbps) 1080K at 60mbps (Ultra Blue Ray reaches 4mbps) After one month for free I ran away from any operator, just a low level broadcast for people who have a fantasy to get 10FPS transmission, believe the cellular operators will destroy any quality it's just a problem, frustration You buy equipment and there is no quality transmission 127
  15. Thanks for the article and most importantly the technical detail! And I have questions 1. That means downloading daily files over 2500mbps will take them a second to download How many people download files over 1000mbps to mobile every day? 2. Can get a 1080P display at 120FPS - I was warned not to play mobile because the screen is so small that it destroys eyes! The question is what will help me 120FPS that I do not play? Movies not at this rate 120 YouTube not at this rate 120 There is also no conversion of the cellphone to 120 FPS The improvements are only on paper and theoretical
  16. A new and dangerous mutation of the corona virus in South Africa While the world is worried about the British mutation that makes the corona virus more contagious, another mutation has meanwhile been discovered in South Africa - which could make the virus more dangerous for young people. However, it is believed that this strain will not be resistant to the new vaccines https://www.mako.co.il/health-illnesses-and-medicines/illnesses-the_novel_coronavirus/Article-fae0231c9808671026.htm
  17. I am interested in purchasing a 3000W audio filter power supply for a bedroom where I have a stereo and computer because I have a lot of devices there, I am not sure I get clean power to the device and aligned voltage as the stereo and computer consume and maybe it hurts the quality (there are buzzes from the speakers I was told maybe the voltage Does not come right to the stereo) I found this device NEW LED Display Audio Power Filter 3000W that is supposed to clean the electricity from hazards and maybe straighten the current anyone tried such a thing?
  18. Now I understand who it's law89 and captaincaveman watch endless nonsense same creature it's not boredom it's just because they have no life also they know no one wants to call them change names and answer nonsense captaincaveman how many times should you say your opinions on all your names no I'm interested and you come back like an exaggeration
  19. רק לא לשכוח דבר קטן לא לחזור !
  20. You're just caught small. You wanted a 7GB drive and said there are none on the market? You have received a link that has such a drive and the name of the name is listed. Is that what bothers you, that I spelled the name incorrectly? For this you have two links and there is the exact name. You are caught lying endlessly and lying again .. Again you lie I did not want a 7 GB drive I published an article "Famous months on the net on all kinds of drives with a high read and write speed 7,000 / 6,800 MB / s" and through the back to date you have not brought anything Related to 10 GB you come back here and invent stories and inventions and was caught lying endlessly I did not get any link and was also explained to you as
  21. לא מובן על מי אתה מדבר או כותב ? 50% מהשפה שלך לא מובן
  22. בטח זה משנה אין דבר כזה נטו כרטיס מסך אתה כל כך להוט לקנות 3080 - תקנה כסף שלך לא שלי
  23. אני לא יכול לענות בלי לדעת מיידע למה אתה צריך 3080 ? איזה מסך ? איזה חומרה ?
  24. כן הגיוני 1. התחרות מול אינטל פותחת מבערים , שמבין שנכנס ילד חדש לשוק 2. 8K במסגים כבר כאן זה אומר עוד כוח שצריך 3. כל זה לא שווה הרבה בלי לפתור בעיות במסכים וכרטיסי מסך , לא נותנים לנו פיקסלים טובים אין UPSCALE איכותי אין מסכים וכרטיסי מסך מעל 12 BIT ( ומסכים עד 10 BIT בקושי ) אין כרטיסי מסך עם לוח צבעים מובנה של REC 2020 גם איכות הגוונים של הצבע חלשה , אין מרחב צבעים ( כל הסיפור של מיליארד צבעים לא נראה טוב ) כל הזמן חושבים על כמה FPS וזהו
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