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  1. Who assures you it will not come at the expense of other things? Past experience shows that it has a price in the past that Intel had a similar problem closed the L3 cache and people could not ask for a refund on the purchase so AMD will cut the L3 cache? Each operating system brings trouble and incompatibility until months of processors who have studied the operating system arrive
  2. https://www.fudzilla.com/news/pc-hardware/53660-amd-ryzen-cpus-get-a-performance-hit-in-windows-11-os עוד סיבה לוותר על הדור הנוכחי במעבדים מערכת הפעלה ווינדוס 11 מתקשה להגיע לכדאיות עבודה עם מעבדי AMD כל פעם שמערכת ווינדוס חדשה מגיעה , התוצאות עגומות . לא מספק מחירים בשמיים כבר קניתם מחשב והמערכת ווינדוס 11 גורמת להנחתה בביצועים . לא מובן לי איך מערכת ווינדוס 11 שטוענים שיותר מכילה קוסמטיקה של תוכנה מאשר תוכנה חדשה והצליחו להרוס את הביצועים ?
  3. Nor would I call it a gaming video card! It will not carry games in 4K60 and certainly not above that. And certainly not new games so it is a video card for the internet, youtube how many people will buy a video card for a new computer that can not fit new games? What's the point of buying a computer at Corona prices, and enjoying old-fashioned games? Or a 24 "screen with 1080P resolution?
  4. No I am not confusing or confused! Because I know the model did not reach stores I brought a senior model from the same Asus manufacturer. From this I understood that a model we are talking about in a thread will cost 6200 NIS and more !!! So where is the confusion? And the most incomprehensible thing is why spend a crazy amount of money on technology that is already obsolete PCI-E 4.0?
  5. It's my problem to spend a lot of money on a new computer at 2 or 3 times its pricing by the manufacturer and not get anything in front of a computer today, it seems annoying to me.
  6. At the beginning of a new era of DDR5 memories that can reach up to 7.2 gigabits many people paid sky-high prices for 4MHz DDR4800 memories and did not remember to get much in their computer capacity. Will the story be repeated with DDR5 as well? What assures me a very expensive DDR5 quality that will give me 5000MHz or 6000MHz? Seeing the timings of DDR5 memories are very high and I do not understand where we gain?
  7. You just forgot to indicate a price in the Holy Land 6200 NIS 3 times the price list price http://www.tronics.co.il/Product.asp?productid=4606
  8. The generation of new computers is not ready for DDR5 + PCI-E5.0 1. Intel and AMD bring new processors to the market with impressive capabilities but at exorbitant prices due to shortages of raw materials + excess demand from consumers 2. PCI-E 5.0 - a new generation of Bandwidth that will not be worth much to the buyer This computer has no video cards with PCI-E 5.0 and will not be until 2023 and even then it will take time to take advantage of something from this bandwidth 3. There are no M.2 PCIe 5.0 SSDs for these computers and will not arrive until mid-2022. 3 times the manufacturer's price list 4. DDR 5.0 memory - again begins a story of high prices due to lack of chips and also at an initial speed of 4800MHz as to purchase DDR4.0 at 2133 MHz why to buy technology that is not mature at all and does not find the potential quickly. In 2023 the speed of DDR5.0 will reach 7000 MHz 5. Add to that prices Motherboards in the sky Why buy a new computer for $ 5000 without proper technology and compatibility? The new games come to consulates that cost $ 500. Why buy a new computer that I can find parts for to exploit the potential in a year and a half and until then I will have to buy a new computer
  9. Exactly "you are so ecstatic about writing hollow passwords that you do not even notice what you are writing" Apple pays high fees for others on YouTube to sell lukewarm and bullshit as if Apple's camera can replace professional equipment the funniest thing that Apple's publicists do. More write down that they shoot with different and professional equipment and not an Apple camera! (That they upload videos to YouTube) Take a look at the video recording of the movie uploader on YouTube. Apple pays nationalists and publicists on YouTube to work and lie in their place to innocent customers! And declare, will distort mediocre cellular capabilities (not suitable for uploading videos to YouTube) to avoid customer lawsuits, authorities for lies about Apple's cellular performance Apple pays to publicists who will do the black work for it! Lie to customers that the camera is good for YouTube or replace a professional camera! Is it a scam to pay thieves on YouTube who cheat customers into buying Apple - and is it fair on the part of Apple to pay those thieves money? This is in my opinion a scam. The cellular exercise that replaces professional equipment has been running on YouTube for years from other manufacturers! And none of the publicists are willing to switch to shooting with a cellphone? Who recommends to others? Smells bad
  10. Do not understand our mental anguish you will read the thread again will understand how many problems you have in assembling the computer will run for a few days, sitting and trying to help you move a computer full of bugs of improper hardware a computer installed incorrectly causes damage in parts also normal so the computer for serious lab test That your board was knocked out from the wrong parts and especially the first 430W power supply that caused damage and more ... I do not care about your needs (note you came up with a complaint about blue screens, bad effort tests) as soon as you install a motherboard that is not suitable for OC OC cooling that is not suitable for the processor and not OC you sometimes cause irreversible damage to many parts in the computer again only a serious lab can check the damage in all computer components I write and write and finally see that you do not understand base in computers that make up a computer need understanding. .. Your board is not suitable for OC - if you do OC you knock electrical circuits and cause short circuits and damage to any component connected to it. Your cooling is not suitable for CPU and OC and is too weak - it can damage the CPU,, motherboard, overheating, short circuits and also damage to your 430W hard disks - it is not suitable at all for the motherboard and its electrical requirements and certainly not OC - it caused damage to the motherboard , Processor, hard disks and any component connected to the computer and the book itself.
  11. I saw your video on screen 65 "The video is gray, lacks light at first there is an example that it moves the head and you already see defects of smearing in the movement of an image in the video the sharpness decreases as the video develops (because they are tired of adjusting mobile configuration) The film is evolving! In the video you can see along the way that he shoots video without moving the camera and without automatic zoom (which adapts itself to the object)
  12. Just all your words are hollow passwords! Only people who do not have hardware, software, a serious screen or a reasonable level do not see the huge difference between serious cameras and mobile photography! I wrote in an orderly fashion how poor all the hardware of a cellphone is and why as usual to justify your superstitions and superficial beliefs, do you think that if you come down on me personally you will be right. In the meantime, all the YouTube videos you brought your owner are filming with professional cameras! And they also mention it in the text below the video and not a lousy cellphone, bad that is suitable for children! Waffle - pays publishers money to promote its business Are they all idiots who buy expensive cameras for $ 4000? Does not include lenses in huge amounts? Why don't people see YouTube uploading videos from mobile phones? Like Apple? Is everyone on youtube idiotic? Poor Conras cellphone (see this in connection with screen 55 "and above) Poor color depth 8BIT (10BIT those that indicate not true) Cellphone - because it does not take 10 true BIT HDR bad takes cellphone - does not take 4: 4: 4 and not 4: 2: 2 (It has no suitable bandwidth for HDR photography with all the extras not to mention proper hardware) Cellular - All statements about their camera capabilities every year turn out to be a trick of manufacturers to inflate additives PRO and kids believe in nonsense. Cellular - warming up in video photography It Pays Musicians $ 0.01 per Stream, Twice as Much as Spotify https://www.idropnews.com/news/apple-pays-artists-more/156520/ Apple has mysteriously stopped revealing how much it spends on https: // www- ads businessinsider-com.translate.goog/apple-stopped-disclosing-ad-spend-2016-11?_x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=iw&_x_tr_hl=iw&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc Does Apple pay money for its products to be shown in movies? https: //www.qu .com / Does-Apple-pay-money-to-have-their-products-featured-in-movies
  13. This is an advertisement thread for why it is forbidden to build a computer for people who do not understand 1. For whole days you sit down to look for a fault in the computer I built 2. Most of the parts you installed from the beginning are incorrect, and certainly not for your needs. 3. You caused damage when operating a computer with the wrong parts. 4. You paid for replacing parts and buying new parts. Thousands of NIS (and you will pay thousands more NIS). H. Instead of taking to the lab and testing it for $ 5, you continue to spend days in forums doing amateur testing. Not to mention nerves, heartache.
  14. It's a total advertising / marketing term that has nothing behind it. RAW on mobile is very problematic with a lot of side effects. I mentioned above. Image of a bad video) Lee Zavitz Apple's publicist whose link you brought, does not use the camera to take his video on these iPhones in the camera Sony Alpha a7S III Mirrorless Digital Camera Trust me And that does not include good lenses or a cellphone joke like SONY 4000mm-24mm f70 GM Cellular manufacturers! Cellular manufacturers who uploaded videos as if they were taken on a cellphone, and after tests it was found that they lied and filmed with cameras that you despised DSLR and RED and more ... A video on your cellphone and you will see it on TV 2.8 people and up and you will understand how much cellphone is for less amateur photography.
  15. Did anyone find a cell phone that shoots by choice 4: 4: 4 4: 2: 2 or REC2020 10 BIT 10 BIT full not software games. True Chroma Subsampling 4: 4: 4?
  16. I will never replace a quality camera with an Apple camera! 1. Contrast of iPhone and shades are always weak in iPhone 2. Light quality in iPhone is not always good in video You see this especially 3. Zoom in iPhone in front of a quality camera shows how much an iPhone or any cellphone is just a joke 4. Memory card for 4K photography - is very small in iPhone and limited . 5. HDR is a joke on iPhone and Android 6. There is no real 10 BIT in the cellphone (there is some kind of matrix and game of colors, of as if adding colors, just a joke) 7. There is no choice in the cellular of the color scale REC709 or REC2020 Bad iPhone Cellphone Stuttering and jumping, smooth motion problems. (Connecting it to a large screen shows how poor the photo quality is) 8: 9: 10 4. iPhone heats up and also has a terrible effect on the video
  17. There are 2 major companies that make shipments from the US to Israel USHOPS dealtas.com First names that do not exist Any transport You will check in their calculator and a photographer will send them a confirmation that this is the final price
  18. , I will give you advice Neutral computer at an exorbitant price HDMI 2.0b and not 2.1 DDR4-3200 obsolete and weak internal power supply 650W 80+ weak not for games (produces heat) Another Intel exercise to sell at an exorbitant price Processors stay with your old computer and do not pay an exorbitant price . You do not need a new computer - do not buy!
  19. Severe disappointment in total refresh with a low level of memory for a year and a half You can not get video cards at realistic prices and instead of innovating and bringing a new and quality generation that fits 4K120 think all customers are idiots and fall for the "super" exercise which is the same video card only with different conversion Make an OC for a video card, the manufacturer will tell a story and take you another $ 200 for a card that already costs double the price! Only if consumers organize a boycott shopping on video cards! They will get quality and normal price. Buy a console for $ 500 and not an outdated card for $ 1500
  20. 6600 No video card for games No 4K screen Maybe for movies and YouTube, Internet
  21. Everything is wonderful only the prices for all the components will be in heaven! It's no longer a manufacturer's maximum price these are crazy "black market" prices that you must not give in to because after that the manufacturers will set a new pricing for unbelievable computers you will see the cost of a video card 3070 at a price of 6200 NIS No tickets) http://www.tronics.co.il/Product.asp?productid=4606 The importer has several tickets that have all been sold, so do not replace the fault.
  22. Your power is very weak! Not to mention that it can not supply current at full capacity of the processor. Do not take into account depreciation of current. Switch to 750W and above .... from the Seasonis manufacturer (sick of this manufacturer for suppliers) and not "Antek" anyway - you have many problems with the whole body and maybe a screwed-up component. So the computer for a thorough inspection in a quality store and pay them 300 NIS and you will ask in a detail correspondence for any problematic component that you can contact the importer to replace any defective part. If you have not formatted the computer for a new Windows - do so.
  23. Congratulations, it's a pity that this site does not have a representative who will travel abroad and review the exhibition that will tell us about vehicles we will never have money to buy (because it turns out that all vehicles traveling independently need money to fund their attorney and future accidents from miscalculations, for those who do not believe will read articles In the US) video cards that are priced at $ 500 and sell for $ 2000 and up (not including fans and extension cable) and robots that can do nothing and want thousands of dollars not including care 10,000 not to mention I read articles on stereo for 1,000,000 NIS no Including transportation to the Holy Land and taxes. An extension cord for a 3 meter stereo for $ 1500 instead of 20 NIS at a KSP kiosk to this day. The oven) not to mention transparent OLED screens that no one buys, because not usable and at an astronomical price - because no one buys and is looking for people to cover LG's losses in the millions of dollars.
  24. Can't figure out what the article is about? OptiNAND technology- I could not understand what it is? An entire article and there is no explanation what it is? What will this actually give me? After all, the hard problem of drives with large volumes is the slow transfer of information that makes the drives slow that fits SATA 1 Why you DON'T want a 20TB Hard Drive
  25. Nice article but what is it worth to us that you can't buy video cards at a rally price? 6200 NIS for a 3070 video card? Http://www.tronics.co.il/Product.asp?productid=4606 Add to that that in another month PCI-E 5.0 will be released, so why buy a video card that is already outdated today? A new computer at an unrealistic price Brings all the investment unprofitable! Buy a new computer today for games NIS 20,000? That would be good for two years or a PlayStation for $ 500?
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