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    Hynix S2.5 Gold SATA 31 drive for sale with a new 1TB box in the box. Hynix 5 years warranty. Purchased two new ones one for me one by one for my wife, mine was successfully installed on my new mobile (the photos of the Benchmarks) and she decided she did not want it and would rather stay with her old drive. I bought it for $ 98 per drive, which is NIS 315, not including the delivery, which cost me $ 30. Selling it at 270, collection from Tel Aviv.

    270 ₪

  2. Passed a very smooth with Macarium Reflect, for a moment I felt Linus Tech climbed. Thanks!
  3. I finally received the laptop I ordered today, it is a Legion 5 with a Raisen 7 and a screen of 144 Hz, in addition it came with an NVME 512GB inside it on which Windows is installed. The status of the slots in the first slot device of NVME M.2, which is already equipped with one and on which Windows is installed. Second slot is a combined slot of M.2 and SATA 2.5, you choose the one you want and install. The situation is like this, I bought a 970MB Samsung 1Evo Plus NVME which I designate for Windows replication and I have another 2.5TB HYNIX SATA 1 drive which I designate for storage etc. Can I connect the NVME I purchased (Samsung) to the second slot and duplicate the Windows from the NVME in the first slot (the one that came with the device) and then straight away take the duplicate drive and transfer it to the first slot without any problems? Move it to Slot as a ready drive already with Windows on it. Hope you understood. I want the Samsung in slot 1 and use the second slot for SATA 2.5. Thanks.
  4. It did raise the price but I saw both yesterday and today more similar deals from Top Rated sellers. They are snatched at these prices so should have a hand on the pulse. In short, if I order over $ 1000, there will be no problems entering the country or what additional requirement for the payment of a customs broker / computer fee or such a cruise?
  5. I found a good deal on Ligen 5 here / 124428555365 The seller with recommendations in the sky and 39 pieces of this deal have already been sold. The computer itself does not cross the $ 1000 mark (and here the question is, what is the procedure if I cross the 1000 mark ?, how much do you pay and to whom?) Compared to Amazon where the price jumps by another $ 200-300. The computer is sold as part of eBay's Global Shipping Program so it's a full price including customs and shipping: Item (1) US $ 919.99 Shipping to 67224 US $ 55.97 Import charges US $ 193.66 Subtotal US $ 1,169.62 I buy electronics from Amazon or Niagara but after being badly burned with Amazon and shipping a laptop that never arrived I am considering my steps in everything related to them. What do they say?
  6. okinawa

    evo 970 plus - Buy on Amazon

    I purchased the 500GB for NIS 260 ($ 79) as part of a complete order of mobile and parts so I have no idea how much the taxes came out specifically on it. In total, for an order of NIS 3600, I received NIS 683 in taxes and NIS 300 shipping. Glad you bought, give it a go.
  7. okinawa

    evo 970 plus - Buy on Amazon

    Very worth it, this week I got exactly one like this from Amazon.
  8. Anyone have an opinion? Both on the nvme and on the sata.
  9. The EVO PLUS also has a discount, two days ago I bought one at 80 instead of 90. Edit: Back to 90 😔, there was a two day window it turns out.
  10. I just checked it .. I am looking for shipping to a laptop and a few more sticks from Amazon (package weight 7LBS.) Amazon direct shipping jumps me the price by a thousand shekels (taxes and shipping). Shipping to a nearby address in Houston will cost me $ 0 and $ 88 in taxes but shipping it from Houston will cost $ 220! Before taxes in the country! Shipping with a shipping company such as Shipito or U.S. Shops will cost nearly $ 100, depending on the route. If you choose a courier they have a warehouse in Oregon which is a fruit ceremony then you do not pay shipping and taxes at all on shipping within the US but to be eligible for shipping to the address you have to pay $ 10 (there is a free warehouse in California where you pay a small tax). And still customs here in the country will take me 600 shekels in addition to 100 dollars. In short I am also undecided.
  11. Never buy from these thieves in the country I bought on Amazon two 8GB 3200 sticks from Crucial for mobile and SSM NVME 970EVO 500GB from Samsung, I got 480 not including shipping. Plus shipping another 35 shekels and taxes 87 shekels, I got a total of 598. On the other hand, the thieves in Israel, one 8GB 3200 stick from the cheapest Crucial 190 shekels (I bought two at 207), the SSD in the country 480 cheapest, on Amazon 269. In short, everyone will make their decision I personally do not order from the country, these prostitutes will not see me for a penny. People here buy hardware and systems at double the prices and spin around with it.
  12. Hello friends. My Lonobu S100 stroller has been showing signs of dying for a few months now so I decided to start looking for something new. I devoted up to 3000 per transaction with a little flexibility and started looking. In a short search for a Zap of a mobile with at least 8gb ram, 256ssd and a relatively new generation i5 or i7 processor, the prices are a shame (sometimes almost double the price on Amazon!) And the selection is extremely poor. It just does not pay off and I do not want to pay a shekel for these stings. I said let's see what's on Amazon and really there are some great offers there, including shipping and customs. Have the Ice Nitro 5 Have the Asus vivobook 15 -VivoBook-i34-3G1005-Fingerprint / dp / B1QZSLDH / ref = psdc_086_t13896615011_B1KJBKDW? Th = 086 and there is the Aspire / ref = sr_43_5? dchild = 07 & keywords = laptop & qid = 1165 & sr = 1-5 What would you buy? Or do you have a recommendation? I would love to hear .. Thank you very much
  13. Hello friends. Bezeq International Bezeq Infrastructure tp link vr400 modem router The computer and TV are connected by cable Cut 6 (not that it matters) I get both on lines and on a stable 50-55 WiFi throughout the day, That way you will get less. Is it possible to increase what I get? And will I pay for a suppose package of 200 MB even then I will only get 50? And if I pay for a 50 MB package will I have a stable 50 or will I get 20-30? Thank you.
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