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  1. I downloaded Hoy where you said and it still did not solve the problem .. In any case, it seems to me that I should replace the network card because with the one I have today I do not recognize 5GH so that on the laptop the speed is 15 MB (connected to 2.4) and on cell phone 90! I'm with a partner and hot on a 100 MB infrastructure, so 1300 MB seems to me something I will not need anyway?
  2. I do not know how to replace an internal so I assume I will buy an external .. I see but that the price range is between 30 and 200 shekels..I did not understand what the differences are between them? Why should I not just buy the 30's?
  3. So basically if I replace my network card with an external one it will probably solve the problem? A story of a few tens of shekels no? Is there a recommendation for a specific card?
  4. Hello everyone. I surf from my laptop on the wifi at home and it just keeps disconnecting. It also happens that I put a hotspot from the cell phone (but less frequently it should be noted) so I do not think it is a problem that stems from hotspots or something. What's annoying is that it's not that he's disconnecting and coming back. I need to restart the computer for it to work again (if I do not restart it does immediately recognize the network again but writes cant connect this network). My data is a Lenovo computer (quite old from 2013) with Windows 10 64 bit and with Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter network card What can I do with it? Thanks for the help!
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