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  1. dug

    Negative review on KSP

    I understand you so much, look what I went through there: I want to return the product sold to me under pressure, the headphones without a microphone, these are headphones I bought for my 9 year old son for school, and I explained it in your simple shop so unprofessional sellers it borders on contempt and impudence. 1. How is it possible that the wait outside the branch is so torturing to the customers, and there are three guys sitting there that it does not bother them and are just indifferent. 2. The speaker outside that reads queues can hardly be heard, only if you get really close and crowd near the other customers 3. You have a lot of headphones on the site, to find something that is in stock I need to go into each and every product and check if it exists in the branch I want, I asked From the seller in the store (who claimed he hates people) a certain model that was in stock and he could not find for many minutes the model and offered me something else that was dusty there and seemed to be lying around for a while. 4. The headphones that won this bill for 45 NIS did not work at all when I bought them, no problem, happens, electric product, but you did not have the same headphones to give me and I had to wait over an hour in line outside in the heat without distance because whoever does not hear his turn 5. It does not make sense that there are queues divided by buy / return / repairs, I only came for a so-called return because I came to replace the product that did not work out of the box, and saw how people who came to purchase and came after and entered before, which means your algorithm was written by greedy customers who prefer buying I already have a lot of other complaints about those who purchased, but I tried to summarize, I can expand on the phone. Bottom line: a business that respects its customers will only benefit from returning customers and a business that despises them will only keep them away, I am a customer of ksp for many years but there has always been a service problem, people just come back just because of the price and that's it. I will not go back to buy in ksp anymore in life and will not recommend anyone I care about to be your customer. You are a disparaging organization and not clearly services. Cheap = expensive, I will pay a few more shekels but at least I will get good service that will make me want to come back.
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