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  1. Hi I have an Asus TUF GAMING B450 PLUS II motherboard and a cougar mx 410g rgb case and I want to know if the cooling is coolermaster hyper 212 led turbo argb Link to official website: coolers / cpu-air-coolers / hyper-212-led-turbo-argb / # specifications Fits my motherboard and case Full specifications attached Thank you very much
  2. Hi I want to buy the cooler master r212 turbo ARGB (with the 2 fans) Picture from the store where I want to buy the cooler: But when I go to the official COOLER MASTER website I see that the R 212 TURBO ARGB does not look like the first picture (I'm talking about the shape no Color) Image from the official COOLER MASTER website: for example the parties are not similar. I can understand why the top is different maybe because there is a cover there but the sides are really different you know why? I would love an explanation
  3. Hi I have a RYZEN 5 3600 and in the meantime I have the fan that comes with the processor and it does not do such a good job so I am interested in buying quality cooling and not too expensive (200 NIS maximum) what do you recommend me? I play heavy games on good graphics. RED DEAD REDEMPTION at 60 FPS and the best graphics. VALORANT and APEX for the best graphics ... Full specifications Attached Image of computer interior attached
  4. So what cooling do you recommend? I wanted to buy the COOLERMASTER from PLONTER
  5. So should I invest another 200 NIS for a better fan? I was recommended the cooler master rr-212s-20pk-r1. he is good? Do you recommend other refrigeration? I have a total of 4 fans in the chassis, 3 front 1 and rear. Do I need to add more fans or will replacing the cooling to a better cooling processor relieve the problem? Thank you
  6. So it can not damage the processor? Maybe hurt come a long way? Because I play a lot of RED DEAD The temperature of the GPU is normal? Thank you
  7. The computer is new just a few days ago so it is clean. The cooling of my processor is an AMD fan
  8. Hi I have a computer with RTX 3060 and RYZEN 5 3600 (full specs below) and when I play RED DEAD REDEMPTION at 60 FPS and the best graphics after a few minutes my computer really heats up. I checked the temperature on the NZXT CAM and it showed me that the CPU is at about 90 degrees Celsius and the GPU at about 70 degrees Celsius. When I only have DISCORD, CHROME, NZXT CAM open on my CPU at 54 degrees Celsius and the GPU at 53 degrees Celsius. Is the innocence of the computer while I play RED DEAD something normal or not, with it not correct what should I do to fix it? Thank you.
  9. Yes i am buying a new computer why is the 3600 a bad choice? I want to buy the computer fast as more of all prices will go up and also there is a lack of hardware my budget is up to 5500 or a drop more
  10. Hi I want to buy a computer and I am buying the RTX 3060 ASUS GEFORCE OVERCLOCK and I know that when you do OVERCLOCKING manually it can destroy the RAM and motherboard and erodes the video card and all kinds of components in the computer. When a video card has an OVERCLOCK from the factory, it means that they did not operate it manually, this is how it is built and comes from the factory, the OVERCLOCKING does not destroy the computer, right? Thank you
  11. Hi I am rushed to buy a computer with RTX3060 and RYZEN 5 3600 and I heard that the COOLER MASTER 600W ELITE is really not good why ?, what power supply would you offer me, would it be 650W or 700W and from which company? Thank you
  12. Hi thanks for the answer. 8X2 total memory 16GB 550W power supply Attached Picture of CPU cooling: ANTEC-A30 I would be happy for your help
  13. Hi I want to improve the video card and processor in my computer (gaming) I want to play red dead redemption in good graphics and at 60 FPS. I have 2700 NIS. I want to know if it is possible to buy it for my amount ... I want to know which video card I should buy. I want to know which processor I should buy and whether it fits my motherboard. I attached my hardware in CPU-Z. Thank you.
  14. Hi I want to buy a video card for gaming up to 2200 NIS I was offered on the MSI RTX 2060 SUPER VENTOS but all the stores in the country and in the United States do not have it and they are not going to return it Processor so that the video card will work to its full potential (I was recommended I2 60) The hardware of my computer - thank you very much
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