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  1. So this is, that as I mentioned, I do not have much experience. I was hoping that someone here would be able to recommend me a computer within the budget I set and the requirements I set. I saw people recommending here so I thought they would help me too. Thanks for the experience anyway.
  2. The requirements for VR are much lower. What you describe will cost me close to 10,000 I am more tuned to the RTX 2060, something good enough but not too expensive precisely because the RTX3 series came out, I think you are right that the prices of the 2 Series have dropped.
  3. I will wait. But I would love to spec. Let me know what to buy after prices have dropped
  4. The cable that comes with the Quest is UCB-C to USB-C. I know I can use any other cable which is USB to USB-C, but the cable that comes is 3 meters, and it will be very convenient for me if the computer already has USB-C. It will save me to look for such a long cable. As I wrote "better" but not mandatory. The connection between the Quest and WiFi, is that it is possible to connect the Quest to a computer on WiFi, via a virtual pc application, in the future there is talk that support for connecting WiFi will be through the oculus application directly. The 5GHz connection has less latency. To your last question: This is not really urgent for me
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new here. I would love to get a specification for a computer that will fit VR with Oculus Quest (not the new one that came out, not that it matters). The requirements are: 1. It is better to have a USB-C port on the case 2. It will support 5GHz WIFI 3. Up to NIS 5000 (possible in Eilat, I travel there sometimes) Because I have no experience in assembling computers, and I need to know exactly what to buy. Thanks.
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