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  1. Hi friends I'm not sure if this topic should be here if not I would love to know where best to post the question I am interested in buying a computer steering wheel undecided between 2 models Logitech G923 Trueforce or Thrustmaster TMX PRO Force Feedback I would love to help I think the most important to me is how the feedback of The steering wheel Thank you very much!
  2. I'm looking for something relatively professional in this price range. I asked about them but you argue that it is better to go on a Sennheiser without hesitation at all what interests me the truth is the separation of the sounds and how to hear steps and distance of characters
  3. Thanks everyone but I understand no one has experience with the headphones I mentioned? For comparison purposes
  4. Hi friends I am interested in buying gaming headphones in the NIS 400 range right now after the market survey I did I am undecided between 2 models SteelSeries Arctis 5 7.1 Razer BlackShark V2 I am aware that there are many more good headphones like HYPERX and LOGITECH but I would love to get a chew on these 2 models if anyone understands This is more because YouTube does not have enough information about them, thank you very much
  5. Got it, last question about 27 'screens There are a lot of screens I saw I would love to know what is the best and if you can give me another screen for comparison? Thanks for the help
  6. Do you think the DELL is better than SAMSUNG? They are about the same price as what I saw in ZAP
  7. Thank you! What would you recommend from the 27-28 inch screens?
  8. Thank you! What would you recommend from 27-28 inch screens?
  9. Budget up to 2000 shekels I currently have a 1070 GTX but I plan to upgrade soon probably AMD I want a screen that will be good for a long time Gaming currently mainly games like CALL OF DUTY BATTLEFIELD but I also play single player like RDR2 Do you think it is worth staying with 27 "or switch to 32 "I want to but I'm not sure if it's already too big a screen for gaming? Thank you
  10. Hi friends I am interested in purchasing a new screen Preference for concave (I currently have 27 inches concave 1080P) I thought of something in the direction of "32 1440P 120HZ in Zap these screens appeared but I do not really have an indication of why it is better /compare.aspx?sog=c-monitor&modelsid=1048526,1071240,1065220,1002559 Or is it even better to invest in a 4K screen even though they are all 60HZ? I would love recommendations and insights.
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