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  1. Thank you very much, TMS has a lot of bad reviews on Zap so I wonder how there is such a gap between the stores if it is the same owners
  2. Has anyone tried shopping at this store and recommend / do not recommend? Thank you
  3. Sorry I got confused between what is n and ac, I thought they were 5-6 wifi and not 4-5. I'm sorry I'm not really versed in the subject. Anyway you answered my question thank you very much
  4. Thanks a lot, maybe even though it says wifi 5 I still get wifi 6? The computer is relatively new so I ask. Chipset B450 motherboard
  5. I noticed that according to what I have written (and on other computers in the house) the network of the WiFi in the house is standard n. The router is from Bezeq and it is compatible with WiFi in the standard of ac WiFi 5. The router is vtech iad604 Why is the WiFi standard connected to the network that is provided to me for the home or the hardware of the router / computers? How can I surf WiFi in a more advanced standard, it will be faster? Thank you
  6. I go for a modest video card, 1650 super or 1660 and air cooling. Do you think the fact that the system will be physically smaller will make Antek's case look empty and unflattering? You may want to go for a case without a glass front if it really does not look good
  7. What do you think is better for a new computer? In terms of airflow and quality, the P120 with three 120 fans on the intake side
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