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  1. Sorry but I do not understand big and I'm not sure I understood you exactly so correct me if I'm wrong, but from what you wrote I understand you think that according to what I claim the problem should not be in a video card? Because the computer runs without warming up even for 10 hours there are just blasts on the screen .. As for the technician he just ran a hardware test and checked that it is working properly and then tried to update Drivers saw that it does not work and said he thinks that a primot as you say with usb will not help .. at all Case, if you think this might be the solution (reinstalling windows 10) is there any guide on how to do it myself?
  2. I'll answer you exactly bro, I'm trying to run software like MapleStory and Discord - which for the first two weeks of the computer ran great together and the computer would not strain at all. It is important to note that even now that I try to run these programs the computer never sounds shouting or straining or it heats up, just everything works slowly all of a sudden .. trying to type things and it is written after a few seconds after I have pressed the keys, window opens slowly, such Strange blasts, and really the computer does not heat up on the cruise.
  3. I'm pretty sure he didn 't even open it .. Basa Up you say unprofessional I do not find people who can be trusted in my area
  4. I was with a technician who said that he thinks it is better not to reinstall because it will not help after checking the computer .. Do you think he was wrong? He said he updated his drivers and that it's still weird that he's behaving like this and that he thinks formatting won't help and that there's a problem with the motherboard
  5. Hello, I ordered this product a month ago: And he arrived two weeks ago. After two weeks the computer starts to slow down in all kinds of procedures (opening and closing windows, typing, if I open the lightest software in the background). You see, I brought it new and I totally downloaded Discord, Pierre Fox, and MapleStory. I went to the technician and the technician told me that after running a test all the hardware in the computer was working properly, and that there was probably a problem with the motherboard causing a problem with the graphics card (that's how I understood from his words). Can anyone estimate how much such a repair could cost and what the problem might be? The rental company does not allow me to return the product because I do not have its box, and unfortunately I do not have a global responsibility from Asus for it.
  6. Hello, I tried today to connect to my laptop a network cable through the modem that comes with the Yes converter (such a small black box), I'm pretty sure it actually made my computer get stuck but it did work. Anyone know what this has to do with the fact that it made the computer actually work in jerky? Because it did show that there is internet through the network cable. Thank you so much everyone. (This is the little black box attached in the middle of the picture to which yellow cables are attached).
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