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  1. I ran the driver detection software How do I dump you from here on out?
  2. I would love for you to list which category exactly you want to see it?
  3. Upload Open Driver? Which category exactly do you want to see? Because I did not see anything with a question mark
  4. Thanks to all the helpers unfortunately I did not manage I am probably much more ignorant and with the country than I thought if there is something that can help me remotely more specifically
  5. 1. Do you see anything in the driver I uploaded if it is missing a device second thing I do not understand anything in what you write where I find the previous ISO Thanks
  6. Attached is the driver. Am I missing something?
  7. I checked the option to go back to the previous child but it was 10 days and the option to go back was deleted. Is it possible to find this specific device of touch on the screen?
  8. Give me an explanation of what exactly and where I do not understand at all in computers where is the child? ..... Thank you
  9. New computer from TECLAST F6 PLUS I did an update for Windows later. The touch screen has stopped working. How should I check if there is something for the device? And how is there a solution?
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