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  1. This is the first time in a month that I have encountered this problem. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was a virus or malware or other problem. Anyway if it's a Microsoft fault then it's ok it's not something to worry about. I will contact them in support of their program and see what they say. Anyway thank you very much.
  2. Hello after a day repeated the same problem still not fixed I would be happy if you help me fix
  3. Hello I have a technical question Recently I noticed that the icons that appear by clicking below in the key lines (the icons are hidden on the left next to date and time) have changed i.e. the icon shows Windows Definder or another icon but it sets, it interferes and it only happens to me in the icons below, not yet I found a solution will anyone know how to fix? Or is it a virus? By the way I updated to version 2004 still not helped I attached pictures below
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