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  1. I sent you an email, and also a private message here. And I also posted on your Facebook page.
  2. I brought an update to TMS once again the patch for repair: worked for a few days and then the problems came back again. Now games do not even turn on and even if they do turn on then after a few minutes they turn off, I did a stress test for a video card and found that it does the problems. That's the part I brought them. If one of the TMS employees sees this, let him talk to me. I paid you NIS 10000 from the best of my money. In order not to encounter such problems and in the meantime I have been breaking my head with this part for 3 months. I brought it in for repair twice and nothing was repaired.
  3. We'll see what they do this time, I brought it in for repair and nothing was fixed.
  4. Do not trust this store bro, do not break it completely for me and then they will accuse me of it.
  5. They not only gave me a malfunctioning video card they also broke it even more.
  6. A week ago I received the video card I sent for repair a month ago. When I turned it on the first day it worked fine, even though it was noisy and the computer was hot, which it was not before. The day after I started getting artifacts every time I ran a game or software that adopts the video card, and it also started bringing me the blue death screen of Windows 10 (the reason I sent it for repair in the first place) I suspect they sold me a broken video card. I no longer trust the store I bought the video card from, and want my money back. I bought the computer with the video card at the end of 2019. Photo from yesterday. How do I demand a refund from them?
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