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  1. Hi, I have another specification for you who believe you will be satisfied with it. First of all I chose the startPC store, in my opinion and know many cases their service is much better than TMS and the prices are pretty much the same. As for the specs, I started with an AMD processor with fewer cores than the i5 offered to you, it may be weaker but not a sucker at all. Which also includes a graphics processor, so you can play games from today in a reasonable way (easy games of course, CSGO MINECRAFT and the like), and even heavy games if you lower the resolution and image quality. For 644 NIS you get a 4-core processor that includes a graphics processor and cooling, there is no reason not to go for it.
  2. 5600X is ZEN 3. The RAM company is XPG and it is an excellent company, a significantly more expensive Corsair in startPC. You can order a ram from Amazon at a pretty cheap price in my opinion, there are sets of Corsair 16GBx2 DDR4 3600MHZ slightly cheaper than in the country. Note this: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2 X 16GB) DDR4 3600 The geforce is not overkill, it is a more powerful card. For your uses I do not think it is critical to invest more, the question is what is the level of professionalism in AutoCAD. If it's working on building small components let's say it does not require insane load then it's not a problem, but if it's working on some giant engine of a ship it might be that it will limit it a bit. Recommend going for the AMD specs and broadcasting
  3. Hi, very possible but there are a few things to consider that take Intel. - At least for now, the new series AMD processors are significantly stronger than Intel processors. - At Intel you will have to pay for a very expensive motherboard to use the RAM properly and / or perform OC to the processor when needed. So budget-wise, you are left with i7 locked to OC, and RAM limited to 3000 MHz. - I put you in a better power supply than the previous one, it's a bit overkill but it's the stock that startpc offer. Processor: 1385 NIS - * Sale * - Octa Core i7 10700F 2.9Ghz-4.8Ghz Comet Lake S1200 Tray Air cooling for the processor: 99 NIS - * Sale * - Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 Motherboard: 384 NIS - * Sale * - Gigabyte B460M
  4. Hi, do not believe that in the forum here there is someone professional enough to recommend you the required system, and certainly not to optimize it as much as possible, 70K is a big expense and should be taken to more professional places.
  5. Hi, first of all I would less recommend TMS, the prices may be quite good but the service experience and warranty on the products is below all criticism. STARTPC and PLONTER Excellent option. As for the specs, I put a pretty expensive processor, from the new AMD series, hard to find them a bit so delivery time may be delayed for the computer (a few days believe) if pressed, but keep in mind that half of the new hardware is delayed due to the corona and high demand. Standard motherboard, a bit old but works great with the processor, * should indicate to startPC to update the motherboard to fit the processor! * 32GB RAM, very important for working with autoCAD and in general for working with software. The video card should be enough for her without a problem, 8
  6. Hi, the main purpose of this external video card is for computer games and maybe some video / photo editing software. If you are interested in a relatively weak video card, in order to run games here and there, I would recommend going for AMD processors with a built-in video card, it is just cool for all these requirements. AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G or AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G cheaper. As for your question, PNY \ ASUS and any name you find next to a video card these are not its manufacturers, they just take care of further cooling above it, in these grades it is really irrelevant.
  7. The 1X will survive very nicely with the cooling that comes with the CPU, there is no reason to replace at the moment unless you are planning an OC. 5600. An excellent motherboard with strong VRM will stay with it. 2. What is your screen resolution? If it is not 3K you will consider taking the RTX4, the RTX3070 is an excellent card but may be too much for you, but at resolutions like 3080 or 1080p you will not be able to utilize it properly. 1440. Highly recommend power supply and even requires you to switch to a quality one, the HCG-4M is a great option not to think twice. 750. Samsung are great at SSDs, as for the hard drive you will need to take 5RPM for maximum utilization, even so they are very slow. 7200. The P6S is a reasonable case and does not have enough research to confirm the island
  8. First of all regarding online shopping, newegg come with great prices, but keep in mind that a large part of the hardware does not come in free shipping, delivery of a power supply can reach 200 NIS and then it is already less worth it. But the most important part is the warranty, believe me That you do not want to get involved and send for repair of cards abroad, it is a process that can take a long time and disable your computer. amazon Excellent service and normal returns and repairs policy and not like newegg. On the face of it the price differences are not that critical in my opinion, not least an amount worth losing warranty or minimal convenience. The specs themselves are pretty good, I have a few comments. How is RAM divided? For how many sticks? Stick to 2. There is a reason for cooling a yak processor
  9. There are great promotions for Black Friday right now, I would consider waiting for Friday itself for the better promotions if that's critical. In general, its requirements are a powerful processor (i5 \ ryzen 5 with an aspiration for i7 ryzen 7), and 16 GB of RAM and above.
  10. Hey, there are important things you did not mention. What exactly are you doing with ORACLEVM? If you run very heavy things regularly then your computer is completely different. In any case the gaming RTX3090 is not a sensible or good option in any way, the performance difference in relation to the price between it and the RTX3080 is astronomical, it just is not worth it. Because you are buying from Eilat I would recommend going for TMS. In terms of the specification itself, the 5900X processor, it is also possible to go for the 5800X but the price difference is not that big really. I included water cooling from LIAN LI. 32GB of RAM should be enough for you, including the VM. A fully circulated B550 motherboard should suffice for all your requirements including a serious CPU OC. cardamom
  11. Hi, I can not put 3080 in your computer, unless you buy in Eilat and you go far beyond that. You have to understand that this is a card that costs at least NIS 4000. In my opinion, the RTX3070 is a great option at a great price. Even if I do not include RAM in your computer, it still reaches at least NIS 6500 in Eilat! I would recommend going for TMS, they do not have Black Friday promotions according to their sales representative but the usual prices are very good. There is no point in waiting so long for promotions this year unless you are ordering from abroad. What RAM do you have? Listen, I believe it is not very fast, AMD's new processors work much better with fast RAM, I'm talking about 3600MHZ and above, you You'll really hurt performance if you use an older ram (
  12. Hi, Re-specifications for you including screen. I will explain to you a bit about the specs, the screen - with a resolution of 1440p unlike the standard 1080p, the gaming world currently tends to go beyond the 1080p. From experience the difference is very big, enjoy it a lot more. In addition it runs at 144 HZ, which means that the picture will be much smoother unlike the usual 60 HZ. If necessary, you can give up one of them (I would recommend giving up the 144 HZ) in order to save a few hundred shekels. Processor - I put a weaker processor due to the budget gap, it will be great for you almost as much as the previous processor. Power supply - I put one cheaper but almost of the same quality, even with an extended warranty for 5 years. Video card - I replaced you
  13. This is nvidia. Like I said, there is no video card maker other than AMD and NVIDIA, that means they all fit!
  14. Believe you have nothing to get too involved with. In the TMS i5 10600KF at a floor price, just note that you have an external video card otherwise it will not work. I included you HYPER 212 processor cooling, excellent cooling for everything, if you want to perform OC to the processor I would recommend upgrading to a stronger cooling. Take a chipset Z motherboard that you can perform OC for, I put you one simple and excellent one, do not take less than that. Ram memories today the standard is 16GB, two sticks at 3200 speed, Intel does not know how to take advantage of ram speed at the moment anyway.
  15. Allow a recommendation of course. But what do you need it for? Gaming? editing? Are there any specific requirements or connections you will need? You need to explain yourself more accurately. In general for gaming and easy editing there is no need for most what the 5600 X is really great, comes with a fan included. If you are dealing with very heavy editing in video software (3DSMAX for example), I would recommend the 5900 X, the price difference between it and the 5800 X does not justify buying it. In terms of motherboard, there are 2 options: Gigabyte B550M-DS3H is the cheaper option, very basic board and can hold everything properly. MSI B550-A PRO If you are going to dabble in OC,
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