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  1. It is clear that you are right, but it is very, very gratifying to see that this fact is also being applied in the Israeli local market. I inquired I came from exactly the opposite direction, whether despite experience and current knowledge could tell me to go home because I did not do a poor Pentester certificate, but you managed to give me hope, probably after all we are more sane than Americans anyway. Thank you !
  2. That means you can go to Check Point with a high school diploma and a resume with self-experience in all kinds of cyber fields and that will be enough? Seems weird to me
  3. Hey friends ! I wanted to take an interest in your experience with the educational requirements when you come to submit PENTEST / SECURITY CONSULTATION / SECURITY HELPDESK jobs in Israeli companies. Is there a preferred Israeli course over famous courses in the US that can be done independently. 1. Is there a certification of certifications from the US, or do they prefer only local courses? Is there an insistence on academic computer degrees, or can it be accessed with 2-3 certifications (e.g. 4 of networks, 5 of Linux and one of penetration testing) Thanks in advance for each tip, especially if it is from personal experience!
  4. Well, I'm currently told by Bezeq that in the next decade they are not planning a renovation in my neighborhood (up to 20 megabytes download speed, and up to one and a half megabytes upload, and that too it is unstable in winter weather that outdoor communication pages get wet) not only is it unstable, about 4-5 times a year A technician needs to come and do all sorts of combina- tional arrangements on a street page and all sorts of wire injections on the roofs of the neighbors just to pull more with this infrastructure for another 10 years to make fibers ... I thought of throwing all their wires off the roof and connecting the home network (well wired) to the modem 4G (hereinafter 5G) and peace be upon Israel. Which companies in the country offer unlimited 4G (there is Netflix at home), how much does it cost, and do you think it is possible to reach
  5. Hi, I have a VIEWSONIC rotating screen but its stand is really, really flimsy with no options (and I'm used to DELL). I wanted to buy such an arm that reinforces the edge of the table, and I found it: and this: php? id = 26300 What do you say? Is it quality or will it feel like a shekel and a half so called? I would love your recommendations thank you very much
  6.כסאות_עבודה_ארגונומיים/vista_s זה נראה סבבה כמה לדעתך זה עולה בערך ? מחר אתקשר בכל מקרה
  7. I've been to 5-6 stores, everything is office junk, even the ones of NIS 3000 look like they are especially suited for high school girls. I found normal chairs on Amazon but it is not realistic to send need a tip from someone big who bought a chair and then I will just go there and buy and the story is over the fuels cost a lot of money
  8. I am looking for a normal chair, up to 1000-1500 NIS, do not really want a ridiculous gaming chair but prefer a massive office chair. Weighs 120 kg, height 2 meters. Thanks for any recommendation!

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    I had the previous model for about a year and a half, it was replaced with a new warranty (I received a new screen in the box when ordered from Dell, not an RMA screen) so it is a one month old screen.

    999.97 ₪


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    Peace ! Below is the famous pair, purchased at KSP one of them still in a new box, and one was used for about two months, i.e. it is a huge savings on a new product for all intents and purposes. Either way it will come in their box, with the paperwork and accessories. You can buy a third router at a discounted price for those who will buy the combo, you can also buy one for those who want it. From a moving law firm. Admin - The router supports Merlin with regular updates through AC68 firmware (this is the same hardware). Pleasure to work with and there are never any problems from the business.

    690 ₪

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