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  1. Installed operating system: windows 10 Original operating system version, including bits (bits): windows 10 home 64 bit Troubleshooting: Hi, I'm a computer science student, some courses require me to program in C on a Linux interface I downloaded VMWARE Workstation pro v15.0.3 I opened A new virtual machine based on Ubuntu 20.10 (Linux). Many times when I run the machine I get a blue screen and with it the error: page_fault_in_nonpaged_area The blue screen happens right after pressing the Power on this virtual machine key you can see the machine starts to rise and after 5 seconds gets the blue screen from time to time the machine manages to rise without problems, but most In cases unfortunately it is not and I find myself doing quite a few computer resets (hitting it) in order to successfully boot the machine I would love to help!
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