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  1. You have a reference that windows 7810 by 2015 are also 4K. You have a link to the specification of a revolution system. So we will believe you. Why you're chattering
  2. ht at least a little respect. Instead of insulting. It would be better to write an explanation. But kids love to tease. What to do . Not bad I have elephant skin. Shame on you
  3. I appeared under the name of the technician Kramer there. But this time I connected via Facebook. So using a bobbin and a name will be used. Search will be found
  4. For Japanese about 6-8 months I asked here the islands can connect a 4K video card to a computer from 2015. Because I have a 50-inch screen. In my room. The whole company wrote that it was possible. I bought a video card with 3 ports. And see a miracle. The image was not 4K The TV indicates the resolution of the image received from the computer. So the company wrote here and in another forum. Buy a ticket as a different type. And noted the model. Which is interesting I wrote. And no surfer answered why that was. When I install the "Linux" operating system I do get a picture in 4K I wrote why it ??? At the time, I bought a new computer for about NIS 3500. Including an expensive video card for NIS 800. Everything is the latest word in the market. I also downloaded the WIN 10 operating system for a fee from the int
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