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  1. You have a reference that windows 7810 by 2015 are also 4K. You have a link to the specification of a revolution system. So we will believe you. Why you're chattering
  2. ht at least a little respect. Instead of insulting. It would be better to write an explanation. But kids love to tease. What to do . Not bad I have elephant skin. Shame on you
  3. I appeared under the name of the technician Kramer there. But this time I connected via Facebook. So using a bobbin and a name will be used. Search will be found
  4. For Japanese about 6-8 months I asked here the islands can connect a 4K video card to a computer from 2015. Because I have a 50-inch screen. In my room. The whole company wrote that it was possible. I bought a video card with 3 ports. And see a miracle. The image was not 4K The TV indicates the resolution of the image received from the computer. So the company wrote here and in another forum. Buy a ticket as a different type. And noted the model. Which is interesting I wrote. And no surfer answered why that was. When I install the "Linux" operating system I do get a picture in 4K I wrote why it ??? At the time I bought a new computer for about 3500 NIS. Including an expensive video card for 800 NIS. Everything is the latest word in the market. I also downloaded the WIN 10 operating system for a fee from the internet. Of course I got a 4K image. So what I want to tell the company maybe some of them remember the correspondence in 2015 handed out a free operating system for a free upgrade. I downloaded it. This week I accidentally installed the 2015 old system and see what happened. The image obtained was not 4K. These are 1920 * 1080 which I did not try to do. did not help . I installed the new 2020 edition system. All good . My conclusion is that the 2015 edition is old. There was no 4K. And Linux did have 4K. No expert from this forum and another forum. Did not think about it. And I accidentally came up with a good and smuggled oath to everyone
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