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  1. Sorry for the delay, now I'm ready to make the purchase, I also did my homework and here are some clarifications: 1. No need to work with two screens, I will work with one 27 "screen (I already bought it). 2. Instead of i5, I want an i7 processor At least 3. Without a standalone graphics card, but better built-in. That some i4 are not suitable?) I would be very grateful if you could attach an updated specification.Thank you very much!
  2. I would love to get a recommendation for a small and compact inkjet printer, with a wireless connection. No integrated device needed, I do not need a scanner or duplicator, just a small printer. I print very little, on average a few single pages a week, max. There is no specific budget, I guess a few hundred shekels.
  3. I purchased HP 27 1F2J9AS as per recommendation, thank you very much.
  4. Thanks so much for the recommendations! 1. In choosing between 24 and 27, is it a subjective matter, or is there a size recommendation? 2. Why should 27 go up to QHD? To work with a higher resolution so that there is room on the screen for more data? (I just fear that a higher resolution will not be convenient, because everything will be smaller). 3. Thanks for the models you mentioned, but I prefer to buy from one of the big chains (KSP, Ivory, etc.), and these two models do not have, I would be happy to recommend a "27 and also" 24 screen if possible, in one of the big chains. Thanks again.
  5. Works in software development, works with one screen, "24 -" 27, not a concave screen (if I am wrong, I would love to read why), no specific budget, but up to 1,000 NIS sounds reasonable, if possible less then of course better, if necessary Add a little more then also possible.It is better to be able to raise the screen, to avoid placing A4 page packages probably enough FHD and no need for 4K (if I am wrong, I would love to read why) Thanks.
  6. I understand, I will try to simplify: I am interested in a combination of a 5-core i6 processor that has a built-in graphics card, without a separate graphics / graphics card, and a motherboard that has HDMI and DVI, so I can work simultaneously on two monitors, and that it will work. ? I thought it was trivial, maybe I was wrong
  7. Okay, so generation 11 sure we will not take. If you take an i5 processor with 6 cores that has a graphics core, total need a motherboard that has both HDMI and DVI port, right? Sounds trivial to me, no? What am I missing?
  8. Got it, you made a separation whether the graphics card is on the board or the processor, I made a separation whether there is a standalone graphics card or not. So bottom line, if I want an i5 processor with 6 cores, why not take one that already has a graphics processor, instead of a separate card? Not in terms of cost, just more convenient in my opinion, less another part that you do not have to.
  9. I know, this is what I say that always, in all the computers I had, the card was built-in, including the computer in the screenshot, which I purchased about four years ago. So I actually asked if 4 years ago it was still acceptable, because you wrote: "" video cards ", or rather display adapters were on the motherboards somewhere between Antiochus and Napoleon." Or did I misunderstand you?
  10. Thanks so much for the review, interesting, thanks! I always thought a video card was built in, meaning its core is in the motherboard, now I understand it's in the processor, I did not know, thanks. Below is a computer I purchased 4 years ago, it does not have a built-in video card, in fact, never, in all the computers I purchased, there was no graphics card separately. 4 years ago it was still acceptable?
  11. Okay, so i5 with 6 cores, 10th generation, that's enough in my opinion. What does it mean that the built-in video card comes with the processor? A built-in video card comes with a motherboard, no? Since when does a processor arrive (physically) with a video card? Something is not so clear to me. I thought VGA was out of the world and DVI is always the second option after HDMI. It has HDMI and DVI input, because I understand (correct me if I am wrong), it should work with 2 monitors. Definitely appreciate it and not obvious. ?
  12. What does it mean that not every combination works? What do I need to know or check, to make sure I can work with two screens? Yes, in my opinion an i5 with six cores is even more than I have today and it should definitely suffice. If anyone thinks otherwise, I would love to read. Thanks, but we saw that this time between the processors is 490 NIS, so how did this specification come out much cheaper? And why does it have a standalone video card? I always had a built-in card, I prefer a motherboard with a built-in card if possible. Thank you very much.
  13. What is the difference between i5 and i7? It's about the same speed, the difference is between 6 and 8 cores? that's it? What does it mean that it does not support 11th generation processors? What are these processors? You're right about the ports, I do not really need 2 HDMI ports, these are just the most convenient ports, but also one HDMI and one DVI, will provide me with the same result and the ability to work with two monitors, right?
  14. I've been working with i5 for a number of years and there's no problem, although among the development environments, Microsoft's Visual Studio requires more resources than the rest. If anyone thinks i7 is needed then I would love to understand why and maybe I will be convinced, but I need to first understand by the way, what is the difference between i7 and i5? _Maybe the specific subtype is also important) and in general, is Intel better than Raison or not necessarily?
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