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  1. Apart from the above attempts, I also tried to configure and replace the SATA connections from: AHCI to: IDE (with the help of one of the dear forum members) - did not help. I understand that the option left is to reinstall an operating system (hoping the computer does work ..... ) If there are any more ideas before I go in this direction, I would love to hear.and again.Thanks to all the respondents and helpers!
  2. I can check everything I need with a little intention and patience (on your part). I would love guidance!
  3. Do not quite understand what this means ........ the question is if there is anything else I can do?
  4. First a thousand thanks for the help and the extended answers. Status update: 1) I disassembled all hardware components including network / memory cards, etc. - did not help. 2) Although BIOS has a BOOT SEQUENCE command, nothing can be defined there except: ENABLED \ ONCE. 3) The entire operating system on hard disk 1 (as mentioned above, I transferred it to another computer and it worked fine). 4) SATA is now set to: AHCI. I do not know if it was configured in the first place (when installing the operating system), but I think it is. 5)) I do not understand why play with an IDE disk in different locations, when there is no operating system there at all. incidentally. Small fix .: Turns out the operating system on the second hard drive (not the Samsung), but I was worried it would be at the top of the BOOT list, and didn't help. (Interesting that when I first entered the BIOS, Samsung was up. I misunderstood this at first, where the operating system is .....) I would be more than happy for more ideas. Thank you all very much!
  5. Even in the first mode, after the message that was on the screen (which I took), it would switch to a black screen. Thanks for the help. I would love more ideas. Good night.
  6. Pressing F2 simply led to a stuck black screen, which also happened without pressing F2 ......
  7. The operating system on Samsung
  8. An additional note has now been added when the computer is turned on. Attaches a photo. I would be very happy to help and thanks again!
  9. If I do F9 it downloads the hard disk in settings to a third option. I did it anyway, and unfortunately it didn't help
  10. It already appears in the picture I uploaded that the computer is indeed supposed to boot the system from the above hard disk ......
  11. Also attached is a picture of running BIOS. And also a picture in connection with the above. By the way, I tried to run even without the network card. It does not help. I also connected the hard disk to another computer, where the operating system works fine (which means that the hard disk and the operating system are working). It sounds like the computer is not trying to run the hard disk at all for some reason ..... I would love your help
  12. I was able to log in at the end with F1 as you wrote (interestingly, I used to log in with "Enter"). In any case, I see that according to the order of operations that appears during the operation, everything is fine. what can be done?
  13. I know how to enter BIOS, it says when you turn on the computer to press "Enter", I have done this before. Right now for some reason I'm not succeeding
  14. Lenovo desktop computer. He's pretty old. I do not know a motherboard model.
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