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  1. More interesting How many people have a PCIe 4.0 board? %
  2. Instead of every two years buy every 3-4 years and you will see a huge difference in processing capabilities at least double 2 in the computer the difference is smaller in 3-4 years less than 10 years ago 5 inch screen was considered a tablet
  3. You had enough of a NIS 500 computer, too bad you spent 8
  4. 1.CROSSFIRE works for me in many games in GTA adds 50% and more to performance 2. About 95% of boards today come with a pair of PCI-X16 connections at least, we are talking about saving money and buying cards that consume barely 100W should not be a problem with the power supply either.

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    Like new warranty for another year, sold due to upgrade

    300 ₪

  6. There is someone here in the forum who bought 580 for $ 100 instead of you I would buy another ticket for $ 100, get more performance than you bought in most games and save 850 shekels. for next time..
  7. Instead of giving recommendations in the air you will read some guide on how to give funny 6 GB recommendations
  8. The chair from IKEA broke me for NIS 500. For about 7 years I called an importer of HERMAN MILLER, the EMBODY costs 8100, including the AERON VAT, which does not fit my height and looks much less good, costs 7600.
  9. What is this engraving? I do not understand what you are talking about and what you are advertising REALME? POCO? From which models? At what prices? What is this writing? POCO 3 in Israel for half a year for a thousand shekels and not in 1800 as you seem to advertise?
  10. There are also G2A.COM stories about bans from stakeholders trying to make a profit on parents of children you can not get a ban on it, they are glad that instead of going to TPB you come to them with right dollars, did not let me order with the credit attached to the bank account, I ordered a loaded credit of The mail is intended for dance bookings and flights .. Yes I bought the JC 4 for 25 shekels and so far more disappointing than the 3 ..
  11. Do not get ban on it, they can not prove you are not from Turkey and they can not demand a passport from you. I used URBAN VPN, free
  12. CYBERPUNK 2077 with coupon $ 10 comes out in Israel NIS 234 (NIS 269 without coupon), with VPN comes out NIS 75 (NIS 100 without coupon) double 3 JUST CAUSE 4 with coupon comes out in Israel NIS 204 (without coupon 239), with VPN comes out NIS 25 (NIS 50 without coupon) Double 8 In all games the differences start from almost 3 times Turkey's IP for those who are interested.
  13. I played in CITIES SKYLINE before they started making paid expansion packs and also when they started, I bought some of them packs not worth it, before there were free mods that worked better, when they started with the packs many of the good mods stopped working.
  14. $ 83 + $ 25 shipping on the first drive, if there was $ 265 or $ 70 including shipping, I would order.

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    As new, barely used, bought at NEWEGG two years ago

    350 ₪

  16. Joins the question 16GB 2400MHz stick What if I add a 16GB 3000MHz stick, because cheaper both will work on 2400MHz without problems?
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