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  1. seriously?!?!?! No, I did not notice (upside down, out of 20 packages I ordered in March - I only got 7) ... Wow, that's a piece of m% & that only bodies with billions can make the government enforce the law. thanks anyway.
  2. Ha. I wonder why it does not work with all the other sellers (since the beginning of online shopping)? ... Anyway, thanks!
  3. thanks a lot for the answer! The truth is that I thought more about a separate shipping company (such as BUY2) and did not see the shipping of Amazon itself ... but, technically ... in every product on eBay for example customs always demanded taxes and they included shipping even though it should not be like that ... so you I mean, no one in the country will charge me extra? EDIT: Oh, I kept reading the thread and I see that this specific product has already ended, but in general, on other products. What is the law?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that does not include shipping which is another $ 20. Total $ 90 and it's already over VAT. No? Or am I wrong?
  5. Ahh ... well ... I probably relied on last year. It just means you have to add another $ 20-30 (at least, heavier stuff is more expensive) on shipping which lowers the viability. I remember how EVO was at $ 70 +, if you do the same operation today it first crosses the 75 mark and second in the country it is not much more expensive ... especially if you take into account the lack of responsibility.
  6. How are you going to bring these things to Israel? After all, Amazon canceled the free shipping over $ 49.
  7. Why not? LONG TIME READER, FIRST TIME WRITER. An Israeli person, living in an Israeli existence, where is he supposed to get nervous? In REDDIT?
  8. Hello, I had a power outage this morning and when it passed I discovered that the screen (which is connected to a surge protector) is not on. at all. The power button which is supposed to light up orange while there is no signal has complete darkness as if it is off. The computer is working (and I am currently typing on a half-ruined screen from 2001) ... Needless to say the screen is 5-6 years old and therefore long without warranty ... From a web search of this problem (screen does not turn on after a power outage) and the word u2312HM Exactly the same occurrences (one noted that it is also protected from power surges) and answered someone who probably needs to replace the POWER CIRCUIT. I would try to replace myself but considering that the Israel Post does not work and I do not at all
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