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  1. Ad validity: 11 days and also 5 hours

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    Custom monstrous specifications ASUs vivobook 14 x412f intel i7-10510U 1.80ghz processor 10gen 14-inch screen FULL HD 1920X1080 screen-to-body (almost no frame, can be seen in the pictures) memory 20giga ram NVIDIA GeForce mx250 2gb storage card 1Tb ss storage card Keyboard with 3 intensities for working in a dark environment Built-in fingerprint reader Windows 10 The operating system has all the useful connections (TYPE-C, HDMI, 2X USB3.0, MINI SD reader, 3.5mm) Completely normal battery The computer without any scratches or blows, computer Thin, aesthetic, clean and beautiful Sold due to postponement of studies and lack of use (bought especially for studies) Purchased in September 2020, was used 3 months and returned to use two months ago Total 5 months of use (used only for study purposes, did not run anything beyond OFFICE and ZOOM) is still found Warranty and in addition there is an extended warranty 3 years (until 09/2023) there is a receipt for documentation. The buyer will get 2 original ASUS chargers (one that came with the computer and another one that I bought for leaving the house), a mouse, a carrying case and a graphics board (very useful for graphics and studies!)

    4,000 ₪

  2. How can this be changed? And another question, in the computer settings I do not have a wired network connection (picture attached), if I order an adapter from a network cable to TYPE C I just connect and it should work or I do not have the option to connect wired to the computer at all?
  3. Is there such a possibility that the router is not suitable for mobile? After all, in other wireless devices the Internet is excellently received
  4. ** Update *** The problem was fixed, there was a problem with my ISP infrastructure Hello, I have an ASUS VIVOBOOK14 '' X412F laptop in a web test of the SPEEDTEST application and also in a Bezeq test, the computer only works with 35-30MB compared to the iPhone / iPad in the same location At home and in a test with the same applications that receive 65-60MB, I have a Bezeq BE router with a maximum infrastructure speed of 100MB. Could it be that the computer has some kind of Internet reception limit? How do you solve such a thing? The internet on the computer is slower on some levels than the other devices I mentioned thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, looking for recommendations for a graphics board that will connect to a laptop (better in Bluetooth but not critical) Budget up to 500 shekels Looking for a board that will be used mainly for writing and studies, the goal is to use a computer instead of piles of pages I prefer a board with a screen The screen If it does not fit in the budget then I would also be happy to recommend something good without a screen No problem ordering from abroad Thanks in advance
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