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  1. Hello Date: 27/12/2020 Caution when buying an inflatable Jacuzzi Maldives model Maldives Jacuzzi which is considered the top of an inflatable Jacuzzi sold today between 8000 and 9000 shekels I bought it at the end of June 2019, after one bathing season air began to come out of the gluing seam around After taking all the air out of the hot tub, and asking that within 48 hours it can be inflated again. And so it was done but it was not possible to fill air because air started to come out of the ghettos in the hot tub, the service was ordered again after they were sent the picture that could not be inflated, so at the end of March this year the company replaced me with a new tank of the hot tub. In June I decided to run and everything was fine until October I saw air coming out slowly again, then it was decided to empty and clean and prepare for next season, and before storage I inflated again to check why the air came out last month and it turned out I can not inflate since the air comes out of the ghettos again. I went to the service and there I was told that the warranty is for a year and it has already passed I told them that only in April a new one was replaced, I was told they would do a test. Also asked for the location of the hot tub he was told on the balcony asked if there is sun on the hot tub I said yes and usually there is a parasol that protects the hot tub, answered from the service that he may have been damaged by the sun. Now I ask you those who want to be fucked like me and lose 8000 shekels. All the pictures of Maldives Jacuzzis are in the open air with direct sun, which means that they are resistant to all weather conditions, and every season there is an internal fault unrelated to the operator. And saw the wonder of the hot tub is good for only one season, and meant 3 months a year. The company's answer today is irreplaceable. Hence anyone who will draw their own conclusions before purchasing the turbocharged Maldives hot tub of the inflatable hot tub in the country. If you want details Arie 0535556088 SKU: 60033 MALDIVES Hydrojet Caution Jacuzzi suitable for 3 months only !!!
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