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  1. You have to understand that every screen flickers, the question of how fast - that's the thing, not every screen flickers! Most screens that are declared this way, do not flicker at all, at any frequency. Only Badal did some combina- tion and they declare it Flickr-fruit. Have you read the comments in rting? You will see the 50% graph of the two screens for comparison, one shows high frequency flicker and the other straight line, no flicker DELL2721 LG27GL850 and as I already wrote, very simple to check it in front of the screen with the camera of the smartphone. You do not think this is a problem? Buy it ... I came to give advice and illuminate this matter, especially since you mentioned that your main use is for work
  2. Read on RTING about this model in the Flickr section (although they don't think it's a problem) and also in the comments to the review at the bottom of the page, where people are already really talking about how much of a problem this screen is. and here is a report from this forum
  3. As for the Dell 2721, I planned to buy it recently and according to the reviews it is one of the best in the category (up to 2000 NIS) but in the end I discovered to my luck that it has one pretty serious problem - it is not flicker-free (most screens today are flicker-free Which means that any brightness less than 100%, causes it to flicker. Although it is at a very high frequency that is not really visible to the eye, but it just causes eye fatigue during normal work / reading. The truth is I have experience with some old monitors that made me tired after long work and others not, until I recently realized it was because of Flickering. Some people it may not affect but for me it was very noticeable in terms of eye fatigue. So after I got off the bucket I found the LG27GL850 which according to the reviews is even a little better than the bucket but with Flickr-Perry. The problem this time was stock in the country ... so after a month of waiting for him I gave up and took the FI27Q. Although a bit more expensive but considered excellent (its only drawback is the DP1.2 but it is not critical to me). I am very pleased with the screen but can not say if it is better than the others in terms of quality because I have not tried them in front of it. By the way, you can check quite easily if a screen is Flickr-Perry - look at it through the camera's camera when the camera is in slow-motion video mode. If there are transverse stripes that move then it is not a flicker-fruit.
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