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  1. You have to understand that every screen flickers, the question of how fast - that's the thing, not every screen flickers! Most screens that are declared this way, do not flicker at all, at any frequency.

    Only Badal did some combina- tion and they declare it Flickr-fruit. Have you read the comments in rting?


    You will see the 50% graph of the two screens for comparison, one shows high frequency jitter and the other straight line, no jitter




    And as I have already written, it is very simple to check it in front of the screen with the camera of the smartphone.

    You do not think this is a problem? Buy it ... I came to give advice and illuminate this matter, especially since you mentioned that your main use is for work

  2. As for the Dell 2721, I planned to buy it recently and according to the reviews it is one of the best in the category (up to 2000 NIS) but in the end I discovered to my luck that it has one pretty serious problem - it is not flicker-free (most screens today are flicker-free and it is excellent on them as a feature) Which means that any brightness less than 100%, causes it to flicker. Although it is at a very high frequency that is not really visible to the eye, but it just causes eye fatigue during normal work / reading. 


    The truth is I have experience with some old monitors that made me tired after a long work and others not, until I recently realized it was because of Flickering. Some people it may not affect but for me it was very noticeable in terms of eye fatigue.


    So after I got off the bucket I found the LG27GL850 which according to the reviews is even a little better than the bucket but with Flickr-Perry. The problem this time was stock in the country ... so after a month of waiting for him I gave up and took the FI27Q. Although a bit more expensive but considered excellent (its only drawback is the DP1.2 but it is not critical to me).

    I am very pleased with the screen but can not say if it is better than the others in terms of quality because I have not tried them in front of it.


    By the way, you can check quite easily if a screen is Flickr-Perry - look at it through the smartphone's camera when the camera is on slow-motion. If there are transverse stripes that move then it is not a flicker-fruit. 

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