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    Antek case NX210 motherboard Asus B450 processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 cooling stock without RAM nvme 256GB hdd 1TB Power supply 750 graphics card GTX 1660 super asus has a warranty on the video card board and processor ..

    2,600 ₪


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    The case was bought before about 3/21 does not suit me because I can not put water cooling on it.

    300 ₪

  3. It seems to support the 360 ​​radiator from the side only if the card is up to 300 MM because my card is longer ..and when I put the radiator first then aa insert the card because the radiator bothers it because it has a thickness of about 4 cm with the fans Of course, and from below I was told it was not healthy for the pump ... so what do I do ?? And anyway thanks for the help ..
  4. Hello, I bought this case, and the product page says that it supports the 360 ​​radiator from the side and a technician also told me yes. But there are two problems .. 1. It seems I will have to give up the HDD HDDs above 2. Even when I unloaded them the video card still prevents it from entering and I will note that it says on the product page that the case supports up to a length of 450 MM and the 319 MM card I would really be happy to help
  5. I bought 3080 from Stratt Computers last week and they seem to have stock. And I also happen to be looking for a supplier that will hold my system, I have a supplier of a 750 standard white collar Master I wanted to know if it's ok ??
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